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Most customers select a room which is double their needs, not realising how easy it is to pack items using the full unit height.
Consider selecting a smaller room and see how much money you save.


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Less Mess - Tricity

Less Mess in the Tri-City – get to know the better side of storage

Tri-City, also known as the Tri-City agglomeration, is a place on the map of Poland, which attracts more and more people. It combines the dynamics of the developing metropolis and the beauty of natural nature. That is why every year so many people choose it not only as a place for summer holidays, but also a place to live and run a business. Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot – the cities that make up the Tri-City agglomeration border directly on each other. Each of these cities is completely different – Gdańsk enchants with its beautiful old town, Sopot seduces with its artistic atmosphere and beautiful beaches, Gdynia is full of energy. We were also enchanted by the magic of Tri-City – in such an unusual and cosmopolitan place could not miss Less Mess.

What exactly is Less Mess?

It is a modern and dynamically developing network of warehouses for rent located in the most important points of Poland. The form of rental – self storage – is taken from the United States and Western European countries. Yes, self storage has been popular for many years, in Poland it is still a novelty and a rarity, but we intend to change it! Self storage is a possibility to rent warehouse space on very favorable terms. The Less Mess facility resembles a large warehouse from the outside. However, inside there are lots of boxes and luggage boxes for rent. At Less Mess, the warehouse can be rented by both private individuals and businesses. Warehouse space is available in a variety of variants. We have prepared both small warehouses (from 0.5 m2), which can hold several cartons, as well as spacious boxes where a motorcycle, a set of furniture and even a car will find shelter.

Comfortable hotel for things near the Tri-City

What makes Less Mess rental warehouses different from a traditional basement or cell phone? For us, the most important thing is the safety of your belongings. When you entrust them to us, we feel responsible for your property. The trust of our customers is very important to us. That is why we constantly work on the highest quality of the warehouse space we offer. Each room is clean, dry, with constant humidity and temperature. Our efforts are confirmed by the positive opinion of the Sanitary Inspectorate – how many cellars can boast of this? Tenant cells belonging to flats in blocks of flats often fall prey to thieves. The cellars are damp. It is difficult to fit anything outside your car in a garage, and storing flammable objects (e.g. cardboard boxes, textiles) is not in compliance with fire regulations. Storing things in these conditions can be troublesome or can result in loss or damage. When storing items in a fireplace, it is important that you keep them in a safe place.

Less Mess, you don’t take any chances – we’ll make them feel like they’re on vacation!

Less Mess warehouses for rent are located in the vicinity of the Tri-City – in Rumia and Kowale. It is only a few minutes from Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia. You can use the rented boxing at any time of the day. Boxes Less Mess are available for customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Boxes for rent for removals

Are you planning to change your apartment or maybe there’s a little renovation going on? Choose one of our warehouses and keep your belongings there for the time being. Need help moving house? We volunteer! The Less Mess team will advise you on the best way to pack your belongings and which packaging materials to choose.

At Less Mess, we offer short rental periods. So you can use your storage space all year round or just on an ad hoc basis when you need it.

Warehouse spaces for companies from the Tri-City area

Do you run your business in Gdynia, Sopot or Gdańsk? Many small and medium companies are located in small rooms, where there is a lack of storage space. In the Less Mess rental boxes you can comfortably store documents, goods or office equipment. All our warehouses are heated (as opposed to containers) and the right air humidity is kept in them. We know perfectly well how busy the owners of companies are. Our warehouses are available 24 hours a day, so you can use it at any time. We support our customers every day – are you waiting for a courier? We can collect your package so that you do not have to change your plans. We believe that such small gestures make life more comfortable!

See how convenient it is to rent warehouses from Less Mess and visit one of our offices near the Tri-City. We will help you fit the right box – both in terms of size and price.