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Less Mess - a hotel for your stuff

Nowadays our lives are busier than ever.  We move around a lot.  We move house, we travel for business, we live out of a suitcase.  But we still like or need to collect things: books, documents, electronics, tools, music albums and so on.   Yet we never seem to have enough room for all these objects, which usually leads to (a) having a massively cluttered flat and (b) not being able to find anything when you need it or (c) getting rid of some of our precious belongings, as there is simply no room for them.  Sound familiar?  We bet it does.

That is why we decided to make your life easier by creating special storage units, where you can keep your things safely – like a deposit box.

You might ask: Is this not just a warehouse?  Well, not exactly.  A warehouse is usually a huge surface, where companies store large quantities of goods.  Less Mess, however, offers flexible, tailor-made solutions for private people and smaller companies.

Store your things … the modern way.

Less Mess is a chain of modern self storage facilities.  They operate on a self-service basis and your things are accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

The whole concept is very simple: our large storage facility is divided into smaller storage boxes.  They work just like lockers, so the only person who has access to your stuff is you.  The boxes come in various sizes, which means that you only pay for the amount of storage space that you actually need.  If you only have a small container full of stuff, you do not need to worry about getting ripped off and paying for all the extra room unnecessarily.  In such case, you would look for a smaller unit for rent.

One very important aspect of this city self storage are the conditions inside the storage units.  As we already mentioned, those storage units are just like hotels, but for things.  Imagine yourself on a holiday in a warm country in the middle of the summer, when it’s scorching hot outside… A cosy, air-conditioned hotel room can really be a saviour.   Well, your things also need a touch of luxury. In the locker room, the temperature and the humidity are always kept at the same, optimum level, preventing your things from getting damaged, rusted or unfit for use. Definitely a better option than being put in a hot attic or a humid, mouldy basement.

Move some of your business… to the city storage.

This idea, as crazy as it may sound, is actually a great business solution, especially for small or medium companies, as well as numerous freelancers.  Consider this: many enterprises, small agencies, freelancers (e.g. translators, tutors or advisors) often rent tiny offices to cut down on unnecessary costs.  And in most cases those small spaces suit their needs perfectly – they are big enough for them to hold meetings with their customers or to work alone.  There is only one issue, namely the paperwork.  Many entrepreneurs have faced the same problem and thought: I am inevitably running out of space… Where should I store all the documents, folders, contracts, receipts and invoices?  The truth is, when running a business we always need to keep our paperwork tidy.  On the other hand, we do not need to have all the papers in our office every single day.  That is why Less Mess can provide you with options for document storage. It goes without saying that a cheap self storage unit is a way better solution than renting a bigger (and obviously more expensive) office. The important thing is that you can access all your files any time you need.

We know what you are thinking right now: Yes, it’s all great, but my documents are highly confidential. I’d rather not lose them. We have good news: all the storage units meet the strictest security and safety standards. They are all monitored and equipped with efficient alarm systems.

Less Mess: also short-term storage solutions.

You are about to start some renovation works in your house.  It is exciting: you can finally give your place a fresh look.  There is only one problem.  You need to move your belongings and furniture from room to room.  Just thinking about it is tiring.  But we have a solution.  All you need to do is to find a storage location close to your house and move your things there for a short period.  You will have enough space to paint your walls and ceilings, put up new tiles or renovate your fittings and fixtures.

A short-term box rental is also useful for those who travel a lot and move from place to place.  You can simply use us as a luggage storage.

What else can we offer you?  We know that moving things, especially if they are big and bulky, can be a daunting task.  But Less Mess Storage can also help you with this.  Not only have we got a variety of cardboard boxes and packing accessories on offer, but we can also help you transport your things to your self storage unit.

If it still seems too good to be true, see it for yourself.  All you need to do is to look up luggage storage near me or cheap self storage near me and visit one of our facilities or take a virtual walk here, on our website platform.

Have a look at what Less Mess Storage looks like – because less is sometimes better than more.


Highly secure, modern and clean units – Less Mess Storage aims to provide
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