Are you looking for an inspiration for storing books? See what we have for you

Do you love reading? Immersing yourself in the world of a book allows you to experience life at a more profound level. You can imagine yourself in different characters’ shoes and feel different emotions within a few moments. It is a beautiful experience that allows you not only to develop your imagination, but also to develop at a personal level.  Reading is an amazing way to relax that helps you to get away from everyday problems.

There are plenty of advantages of reading books – it increases your intelligence and your brain power. It can be referred to as a sort of brain training – it stimulates the brain and has a positive impact, for example in fighting the Alzheimer’s disease. When you read, you develop your imagination, but also your patience and eloquence.


Not enough space for books in a small flat? Check out a few ideas for book storing

Do you love books so much that your home library is now quite a collection and you have no more space for new reads? Are you wondering how to store books in a small flat? The best way of storing your books in the living room is to put them on bookcases. If you don’t have a big flat, choose the bookcases that go all the way up to the ceiling, which will allow you to make the most of your space. Another great idea for storing books is to place them in a display cabinet or a bedside cabinet. This way, you can have your favourite read at your fingertips every single night.

Less Mess Storage as a way of storing books

If, however, you don’t have enough space in your flat and you are looking for a place to store not only books, but also all the other objects that you don’t have enough room for, let us introduce you to our self storage units, where you can easily store all the seasonal objects.


Self storage and running a business

Would you like your hobby to become your job? Would you like to turn your love for books into a business and open a bookshop or a second-hand book shop? Or maybe you already have a shop and are looking for a place to store your goods? In this case, renting a Less Mess Storage unit with optimum storage conditions is also a great solution. Hence you only need to rent a small place for your shop, which will allow you to save some money, and you can store the rest of your goods in well-secured self storage units.

A self storage unit is a perfect solution for people who run an online sales business. In all of our branches there are shops, where you can buy all the resources necessary to send a parcel. What is also very convenient is the fact that when you send your goods from Less Mess Storage, you do not need to wait for the courier to arrive. You can prepare your parcels and leave them with one of our employees who will make sure that the goods have been safely transferred to the transport company.

Where to store books when moving house?

Our self storage units are also a great solution for people who are planning to move house and need to vacate their old place, while the new one is not ready yet to bring all the things inside, for example, when the renovation works are still underway. The solution to this situation is short-term rental. The contract with Less Mess Storage can be signed for a period as short as a week, which means that you don’t need to sign a serious, long-term lease. It is a very convenient solution that will take away the unnecessary stress related to renovation works that drag on for a bit too long and the anxiety of being left without a place to store your things.

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