How to transport electronics?

The costs, not only related to buying and renovating a flat but also buying the right accessories, are constantly rising, which is a nightmare to many people. With inflation rocketing, most products will soon be significantly more expensive than they are at the moment. Therefore, if our renovation works drag on for too long, we may end up paying a heavy price. Is it worth waiting until our new flat has been delivered by the residential developer and we have done all the necessary works before we start buying all the electronic appliances, a fridge a washing machine etc.? With all the prices rising, it is definitely not a good move to put off buying this sort of equipment. Special discounts do not happen too often. We should look out for them much earlier, way before we can move into our new place. Otherwise, we will most probably buy almost all the articles at regular, less interesting prices.

Then what can we do with all the equipment that we have bought on sales before our new place is ready to move in? In this case, self storage units offered by Less Mess Storage come in handy. You can rent them for a week, a month or an undetermined duration with a 30-day notice period. Additionally, as Less Mess Storage offers units in many different sizes, starting from 0,5 m², you don’t need to pay too much for an unnecessarily large storage space. Modern rental storage units should not be associated with traditional storage units. They are very modern spaces – each of them is locked and protected with powerful security systems. They also provide you with optimum storage conditions. This way, you don’t need to worry that one of your things, for example the TV set, will get damaged.

Transporting electronics – what should we remember about?

Once you have bought your dream TV set or a different piece of equipment, the next challenge you face is transporting it. We should pay special attention to how we secure our equipment against adverse conditions. As electronics tend to be quite fragile and easy to damage by different factors, this task might be somewhat problematic. This kind of equipment is sensitive not only to regular mechanical damage, but also to vibrations, temperature or humidity. And it is humidity that is particularly dangerous, so if you are wondering how to transport your TV set without a box, the answer is – you should do it only on a clear day. It is also important to secure your TV set or other kinds of equipment against vibrations that may cause its damage. Avoiding vibrations while driving a car or a van is impossible, but we can still solve this problem by packing the equipment in a way that will limit and buffer the vibrations. Also, do not forget about the temperature and how it affects electronics. Both too high and too low temperatures might be deadly to our appliances. If you are planning to move in the middle of the summer or winter, take it into consideration and make sure that you prepare your appliances accordingly and protect them against the harmful effects of extreme temperatures.

How to transport a TV set?


We already know what we should protect our electronics against during transport. But how can we do it? Regardless of whether you are interested in transporting a TV set, a printer or large column loudspeakers, our advice is quite universal and can be successfully applied when transporting all kinds of bigger electronic devices. The basic rule related to transporting electronics is to place them in their original boxes whenever it is possible. We should remember that the manufacturers of electronic appliances must, on a daily basis, do their best to make sure that their products get to the sales points safe and sound. This means that their boxes and protections are specially designed for it. What should we do if we don’t have the original box anymore? The best thing to do is to find some kind of replacement packaging. If you are wondering right now how to transport a 65’’ TV set, it might not be the best piece of news for you. You should definitely not underestimate the importance of a solid box and protection if you really want your appliances to work well afterwards.

Make sure to have solid packaging

Remember that a cardboard box is not all you need. You will also have to protect your TV set against vibrations and mechanical damage. A very good idea is to use Styrofoam, but if worst comes to worst, you can also use old magazines and papers. The most important issue in this case is making sure that the TV set does not move during transport. Once your equipment has been packed, it is advisable to secure the whole box with some packaging film and cello tape.  This way you can rest assured that your precious and fragile package does not open while being transported. The important aspect is also adjusting the way we drive – if possible, we should avoid turning or braking abruptly, as it could damage our packages or make them fall.

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