Storing photographs. Where and how can we store them safely?

Photos are great souvenirs. With them, we can remember the most important events of our lives. Thanks to modern technological advances, a photo camera can fit into our pocket, while smartphones have lenses that can very often compete with professional equipment used by photographers. Even though black and white photos are already a thing of the past and we mostly take digital pictures now, many people still decide to print out their favourite photographs. In this case, it is important to know how to store the photos so that they don’t get damaged with time.

Is the way we store photographs important?

If we develop and store our pictures appropriately, they can be a unique and beautiful souvenir that can later be passed to future generations. Just like we used to inherit the photographs of our ancestors, it is a very nice gesture to give printed photographs to our loved ones. Even though we now store most of our photos in online cloud services and on computer drives, being able to develop certain pictures is the best way to keep them organised and pick the ones that bring back the best memories.

Don’t forget that electronic devices might break down and all the stored photographs would then vanish in a heartbeat. That’s why it’s important to think ahead and create a backup copy of your files or store them in two different locations or on two different devices.

If you decide to print out your photos, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own unique picture gallery. High quality photographs can be hung up on the wall instead of posters and other images that you usually use to decorate your interior. They are unique, because they have a special value for you.

How to store photographs so that they don’t get damaged?

Regardless of whether you have your photos developed professionally or print them out yourself, the important thing is how you store them afterwards. Not every kind of photographic paper or ink guarantee the best quality and therefore, if you don’t store your photos appropriately, they might start fading with time and lose their original charm. That is exactly why in the past all the pictures used to be placed in photo albums where all the pages were separated with parchment sheets. Not only did they prevent the photographs from getting stuck to one another, but also from losing the saturation of their colours.

And what about some more modern solutions for storing pictures? As the time passed, some simpler but equally pretty and lighter photo albums made of plastic became available on the market. They have separate plastic pockets for each photograph that come in various sizes. This solution is only recommended for developed photos of an excellent quality. Otherwise, plastic may affect the ink and our precious souvenirs will quickly get damaged.

Where should we store our photos?

When it comes to storing photographs, not only is it important how we do it, but also where we place them in the end. It’s worth noticing that even the appropriate boxes or albums can’t guarantee that the photographs won’t get damaged if the conditions in the storage room are unfavourable. First and foremost, it is recommended to avoid excessive humidity that can quickly destroy the photographic paper. Sunlight can also be detrimental to our photos so we shouldn’t leave them on a window sill.

Where should we store our photos to make sure that they are safe and protected against external factors? The most popular solution is storing them at home, always in a shady spot. However, after some time it may turn out that we have loads of photo albums and not enough space to keep them. In such case, we still need to avoid storing albums and boxes in the basement or in the attic, as the temperature there is changeable and they have a tendency to get damp.  So, is there a universal and a proven place that can be used as photo storage?

What is self storage?

Self storage is a kind of service that is becoming more and more popular. It means self service units that can be rented mostly on short-term basis, but not exclusively. This type of rental space is great for storing various types of goods and resources. The units can be rented by private individuals and entrepreneurs who don’t have enough space to keep their oversupply.

Need a place to store your photographs? Choose self storage!

Storing photos is no longer an issue and our customers already know it. In Less Mess Storage, we’ll find just the right place for them – regardless of how many photos you have. If you’re still not sure what type of room size you need, the visualisations available on our website can help you decide. We have units in forty different sizes. You can use them to store your souvenirs, including family albums.

Additionally, we sell cardboard boxes that can be useful when you move house but also to safeguard your belongings. If you decide to rent a narrow space, you can easily place the boxes on top of each other, which will help you to save some space. Our rental units are located in five different cities in Poland, so you can choose the location that is the most suitable for you. Moreover, you can be sure that we use cutting-edge, green technology that enables us to leave virtually no carbon footprint.

Why is it a good idea to rent a storage room?

At Less Mess Storage we care about our customers, which means that everyone can be sure that all the valuables stored in our units are completely safe. Not only do we have 24/7 video surveillance, but also effective alarm systems that inform us about any unauthorised entry. With a special access code, our customers can enter their unit at any time.

And what if you want to transport your things to a new place or give them away to your family, but you don’t have a car? A parcel can be prepared by one of our employees that will then pass in on to the courier that you’ve hired.

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