Ways of storing shoes for shop owners and individuals

Do you run a shoe shop and are looking for a place to store your goods? Choosing the right place to keep your stock, as well as all the documents and advertising materials that come with it, is a very important task. Not only should the room have the appropriate safety measures in place to prevent theft, but also keep the optimum conditions related to humidity and temperature to make sure that the stored objects don’t get damaged.

Regardless of whether you run a regular shop and are looking for some extra storage space to keep your stock and other business-related things or whether you run an online shop and are looking for a place to store your goods, as well as to prepare your parcels to be sent, the perfect choice for you is a self storage unit.

An idea to store shoes and other goods

Less Mess Storage is a company that rents self storage units. What is important, these units have nothing to do with commonly known storage places – here, all the rooms have individual locks and are protected with modern security systems, while offering optimum storage conditions.

Less Mess Storage will issue a VAT invoice for you, which will allow you to include the storage space fare in your company’s expenses. An extra advantage for online shop owners are the shops available at our branches – that is where you can buy the products necessary to prepare your parcel: from boxes to fillers, tape and more. Moreover, you can also leave your parcels to be picked up at our branch without having to wait for the courier yourself. One of our Less Mess Storage employees will hand them over for you, which is a great time saver.

Storing shoes – where to store shoes?


Maybe you don’t run a shoe shop, or any shop at all, but you’re wondering how to store winter shoes during summer or summer shoes during winter and you’re looking for a safe space to store your seasonal things? In this case, Less Mess Storage is also the perfect option.

Seasonal things take up a lot of space, which, unless you have a big flat, might be a bit of a problem. Self storage can serve you as a safe storage solution where you can easily keep your boots, wellies, winter coats, scarves, thick duvets, as well as sleds, skis or snowboarding equipment and all the other winter accessories and things that you don’t have enough room for in your flat. During winter, on the other hand, it will be the perfect place to store summer clothes, flip-flops, sandals, trainers, trampolines, inflatable swimming pools, water mattresses, balcony furniture and all the accessories that won’t be useful during winter and that you need to put away until the next season.

Shoes – storage

shoeboxes organisation

Storing shoes in a wardrobe can take up a lot of precious space, which may significantly lower your comfort, especially in a small flat. Therefore, storing shoes and other seasonal objects in a small flat can turn out to be problematic. Even though storing shoes in the hallway is a popular solution, it is not always possible. Certain flats have very small hallways, where you can’t even fit a big wardrobe. Small shoe cabinets are usually insufficient – especially for a family made up of several people.

No matter whether you are looking for a place to store your shoes for sale or whether you’re interested in renting a safe storage space for your personal needs, self storage units will definitely be of interest to you.

A flexible contract that you can sign for a week, a month or an indefinite period with a 30-day notice is surely a great advantage. Whether you are looking for a short or long-term rental, you will find the right option for yourself. Based on your needs, you can choose the size of the storage space and, in case you are unsure of how big a room you need, you can ask a Less Mess Storage employee for support – thanks to years of experience in the industry, they will be able to pick just the right size for you.

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