Where to store your tools? The ideal place for both individuals and companies

The mortgage subsidies introduced as part of a government programme in the second half of last year boosted the property market. Flats went on sale like hot cakes and the furnishing companies had their hands full. The first to go were developer-built flats, but secondary market flats did not have to wait long for their new owners either. Traffic in the real estate market meant that architects, renovation companies and DIY shops gained many new orders and customers.

Storage for tools and other equipment for furnishing companies

Interior finishing has definitely been a booming business in recent months. This type of business requires a significant amount of equipment, which needs to be stored in a safe, properly adapted place. Self storage facilities at Less Mess Storage can be a good idea, as they have optimal storage conditions and the stored goods are protected by modern security systems.

tool kit storage

Home mini-workshop

Some people decide to renovate their homes on their own. Often wanting to own some of the tools that will certainly come in handy for small repairs in the future. What tools are worth having in your toolbox? The basic tools that everyone should have at home are a screwdriver, a hammer, a spanner, a scraper, pincers, a saw, a spirit level, a tape measure and a knife.

If you only do the simplest of repairs yourself, then the basic tools should be enough for you. However, if you do even a small renovation on your own from time to time, the list of tools needed increases considerably. If you have a large number of tools that may come in handy for your next renovation or minor repairs, it is worth finding somewhere to store them safely. If you don’t have a storage cell or if it is poorly secured against theft or the conditions are unfavourable for the equipment you are storing, then renting a small storage unit from Less Mess Storage is a good choice in this case. Alternatively, you can opt to rent a larger storage unit that can accommodate other items that you lack space for in your home, in addition to tools and other construction-related products.

Online tool shops

Self-storage units at Less Mess Storage are also a great fit for online shop owners, including those selling tools or other products needed for interior finishing. Storage spaces for rent come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and you can leave your prepared parcels to be dispatched in the care of a Less Mess Storage employee, who will give them to the courier while you gain a significant amount of time.

Storage facilities are an excellent choice for both private and business customers. Store your belongings securely, whether it’s your work equipment, shop supplies or personal tools, bicycle or other seasonal items. Store your belongings in rooms with optimal conditions and don’t risk damaging them. The rented storage unit will be at your disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.



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