Best Price Guarantee



1. This promotion is being conducted by Less Mess Storage, herein described as the “Company”.

2. The promotion only applies if a competitor offers a lower room rental rate, as evidenced by the points below, and verified by the Company’s staff at their sole discretion.

3. If you wish to benefit from the promotion, “Best Price Guarantee” you need to provide via email the self-storage competitor’s offer – forwarding a scan of the offer in pdf format or invoice – which is (i) not more than 7 days old, and (ii) not connected with any price discount or other promotion.

4. The alternative offer must be comparable: similar room size and standard according to self-storage norms.

5. Obtaining the best price from the Company is conditional on signing a rental agreement and moving in to a Less Mess store within 7 working days from confirming the best price offer.

6. The Company does not guarantee a room of the same size at any particular Less Mess location. The Company may propose another location or another room size which is almost of the same dimensions, subject to availability.

7. The promotion concerns Warsaw, Tricity, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Prague, within a 10km radius of Less Mess’ existing stores.

8. The Company reserves the right to cancel the promotion without notice.

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