How to effectively arrange the space of your home, being a mother?

For many people “mum” is a synonym of a female superhero that we have seen in comic books and fantasy films.  She takes care of our health and safety from the first days of our lives, she shares our first anxieties, sad and joyful moments and, above all else, she’s the master of logistics and good organisation. There is not a single doubt that the concept of “multitasking” is something that every mum is familiar with and they have all become great at it. Raising children, professional career, preparing meals, taking care of their free time and, most importantly, keeping the house tidy, are the activities that no one can compete at with mums. However, the growing number of objects and toys may become overwhelming for anyone. In this article we will show you how mums can organise the space at home using Less Mess Storage services.

How to organise your house when you’re a mum?

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but in most families, mum is the person who always knows the place of every item, even the tiniest one, especially when we need it. When we were children, how many times did we ask our mum to help us find our favourite stuffed animal that we thought was lost for good, but our mum found it within a few seconds?

For many women, being a mum is a great gift and an amazing source of happiness. For many couples a newborn baby is a beloved and long-awaited family member. However, having a child is also a huge responsibility that is shared by both parents. It is also a constantly-growing number of toys, books, accessories or clothes that children seem to grow out of within a blink of an eye. When we have a child, it is natural that our house becomes filled with more and more objects. At a certain point it becomes difficult to walk through our living room without tripping over blocks, cars or other toys that are currently lying on the floor.

How should we store our children’s toys?

Mum is a person who makes sure that the space in our house is friendly and functional for everyone in the family. Chaos and small children is definitely a dangerous mix and that is why every mum makes sure that toys don’t clutter the whole house.

There are a few techniques that can be useful when organising our children’s things. The most important rule that a mum can teach her child is to assign a specific place to every toy. Obviously, the perfect solution would be to have a separate play room, where our children could keep all their treasures, but let’s face it – not all of us have enough space for it, especially if we live in a flat. When we assign different toys to specific places, not only do we make sure that our house is tidy, but we also teach it to our children from a very early age.

Another solution that seems to be working when organising your space is putting toys in special containers and baskets. We mostly recommend you transparent containers, so that your child can easily see what toys are kept inside. It will definitely stop them from making unnecessary mess.

What should we do if we don’t have enough space at home for our toys?

Unfortunately, sometimes even despite perfect organisation techniques and using the above-mentioned objects that make the organisation easier, the number of toys or children’s clothes at home is simply excessive.  What should we do then? Of course, if our child has grown out of certain clothes and doesn’t play with some of their toys anymore, we can sell them, give them to our friends or other parents.

However, the situation is different when we are still planning to have more children in the future. Then getting rid of children’s clothes and toys doesn’t really make sense. The option we should consider are self-service rental storage units.

Less Mess Storage – helpful also to those who have children

In Poland, self storage services are not as popular as in the country they originate from, the United States, or even other countries in Western Europe. However, every year they have a growing number of supporters. The service is based on renting self-service storage units that the customer may use in any way they want. That is why Less Mess Storage units are a perfect solution for mums who are looking for some extra secure space that will let them keep their children’s toys and clothes until they need them again.

Why should you trust Less Mess Storage?

In our company, we do our best to make sure the customers trust us and are fully satisfied with the services that they choose.  Self-service Less Mess Storage units offer security and optimum conditions to store your precious belongings. Modern heating and ventilation systems ensure the optimum temperature for the storage of your things. Every storage unit is equipped with innovative security systems: 24/7 surveillance, individual alarm systems for every room and your personal access code. All this makes using Less Mess Storage convenient and affordable and keeps your things safe.

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