Renovating a house step by step. Where to start from and how to make it go smoothly?

The big moment has finally come – after long discussions and considering all the pros and cons, you have finally made a decision – it’s time to renovate the whole house. Undoubtedly, it’s a good decision, as you’re happy to restructure and fix some imperfections that might have affected the comfort of your life for a long time. Renovating a house, especially an old one, is definitely not the easiest of tasks. So, in order for it to go smoothly and for you to be happy with the final result, it’s a good idea to get ready for it and take care of the organisation and logistics in advance.

Renovating an old cottage – what are you supposed to know?

There is absolutely no doubt that renovating a house is a bigger logistical challenge than renovating a flat. Therefore, before we even start, we should think about the logistics of the whole process. Otherwise, the situation may risk getting slightly out of hand. It is even more serious if we want to renovate an old wooden house. It’s definitely a costly investment that requires quite a bit of money. We should also consider all the legal issues.

Renovating an old house – where should I start from?

The most important thing is to take care of all the necessary formalities. If we forget about them, they might cause us some trouble or delay our renovation works. It’s important to remember that when renovating a house, whether a brick or a wooden one, we are required to report the fact that we are planning to schedule renovation works to the relevant authorities. We are obliged to report it if we’re planning to:

  • replace the roof covering;
  • replace roof windows;
  • replace the heating system;
  • paint the elevation;
  • make structural changes in the boiler room
  • insulate external walls.

Reporting our renovation works to the relevant authorities is not a complicated thing and it might definitely save us some trouble. The application should be submitted with the district governor 30 days prior to the scheduled date of renovation works. The governor gives us a so-called “silent approval.” It means that if within 30 days from the submission of our application we do not receive any response, we can go ahead and start the renovating our house.

How much does it cost to renovate a house?

It’s another important question. Renovating a house, especially quite an old one, is always quite pricey. However, everything depends on the extent of the works that we’re planning to do, as well as on the materials that we’re planning to use. The general cost of renovation works is also affected by whether we want to hire a professional team, which very often seems necessary, especially if we’re planning to implement significant changes. The average cost of renovating a house is around 100 thousand PLN.

Renovating the whole house step by step

Renovating the whole house cannot be done without a specific action plan. Otherwise, we risk getting caught up in chaos that will delay the works even more than we have originally planned. Moreover, we should also buy all the things that we need at least two months beforehand. After all, it might turn out that the materials that we’ve chosen need to be ordered and we have to wait for their delivery.

In most cases renovating a house starts with knocking down walls, replacing windows, doing works related to water and sewage system and replacing window sills inside the house. Then we need to install floor heating system, replace the pipe of the central heating system and redo the walls or cover them with plasterboards.

Where can I store all the house appliances and furniture during the renovation works?

Storing house appliances and furniture, as well as personal belongings, is an issue that triggers a lot of stress and emotions for many people. Even though a house is bigger than a flat and there are usually several rooms (or sometimes even over a dozen of them), we can’t start big renovation works if the rooms are cluttered with various objects.

You shouldn’t keep your things outside. Even if you’re doing all the works in the summer, we can’t be 100% sure that the weather conditions are always going to be perfect. Heavy rain or strong wind might destroy your belongings. Also, having all your things left outside during renovation works might be quite tempting for potential thieves. Some people think that the only solution is to transport your things to your family of friends’ house, but we have a much better and more effective idea – rental Less Mess Storage units.

Less Mess Storage – a perfect solution when you renovate your house

With self storage services, your life will be much easier when you renovate your house. You do not need to worry that your things take up too much space in your friends’ garage or whether they are safe. Less Mess Storage offers rental units that come in different sizes so we are absolutely sure that you’ll find the right type for your needs. Whatever you decide to store, you can rest assured that all your belongings are safe – all the units are equipped with modern security systems and 24/7 video surveillance. You can find us in some of the biggest Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Wrocław, Cracow, Poznań and the Tricity, so it’s easy to use our services.

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