How to store bedding?

Do you sell bedding, bedsheets, towels and other objects of this sort online? Or maybe you have a stationary shop with this kind of articles or sell them on local markets? Bedding, tablecloths, towels and bedsheets take plenty of space, which makes it is impossible to store them at home. A go-to solution for most people is storing these things in the garage, which is definitely not a good idea. Humidity and low temperature can damage the goods.

Storing bedding appropriately can be quite a problematic issue. Bedding is large and bulky and it can get easily damaged when stored in inadequate conditions. In order to prevent such situations from happening, let’s look into where to store bedding so that it doesn’t take too much of your precious space, while keeping the adequate storing conditions. Read on to find out the best solutions.

Storing bedding – what should we take into consideration?

When trying to answer the question “Where to store bedding?”, we should take into consideration a few basic aspects. First of all, bedding takes up a lot of space.

Another issue is the fact that it can get damaged when stored inappropriately. Now, it is not about it getting mechanically damaged, for example when being put in or taken out of its packaging, but about things such as mould. It is not only dangerous to the bedding itself, but also to our health. So how should we store bedding in order to avoid this risk? We need to pay attention to the type of fabric that our bedding is made of.

Feather and down duvets – where should we store this kind of bedding?

Duvets made of natural fathers have many advantages. They include our general comfort – both in terms of keeping the right temperature and also feeling cosy – as down duvets have the best possible reviews in this domain. However, it doesn’t mean that they only have good sides. Bedding made of natural feathers needs to be aired regularly and stored in appropriate conditions, which, to a great extent, consists of keeping it well ventilated. You should bear this in mind when deciding where and how to store it.


How to store textile bedding?

Textile bedding is also quite popular. It might not need as much airing as the feather one, but, unless you have the right cases or vacuum bags, it is also advisable to make sure that its ventilated properly.

Where to store bedding – is basement a good idea?

Are you wondering where to store your bedding? Let’s start with a few places where you definitely shouldn’t do it. One of them is your basement. Let’s keep in mind the fact that the bedding is in close contact with our bodies. It is also extremely prone to collecting dust and mites. Your basement provides excellent conditions for it, due to all the humidity and lack of ventilation. Therefore, if you want to prevent your bedding from getting mould spores all over, which in consequence means putting your health at risk, you should absolutely avoid keeping your bedding in the basement.

Storing bedding in the closet is a good solution only for those who have one, two or maybe three sets of bedding, providing that the closet is ventilated properly. The best type of furniture would be the one with a grid instead of traditional solid walls. This will allow the fresh air to come in and air out our bedding, which should help to keep it in a good state.  However, this is not a solution for people who have tens or hundreds of bedding sets. If we do not have the right type of closet, we may turn to a different solution, namely special bedding bags with moisture absorber.

Self storage – how to provide your bedding with the right conditions

We have already established that garages, basements or lockers are not appropriate storage spaces. Then what should we do with our goods if we don’t have a stationary shop or an appropriate storage room? A much easier and definitely safer way of storing your goods are self storage units offered by Less Mess Storage. They constantly provide you with optimum storage conditions. Access to the building is secured with modern security systems. You will be able to access your rental space 24/7.

Self storage is definitely one of the best solutions when it comes to storing various kinds of objects, not only bedding. Less Mess Storage let their clients choose among different sizes of storage units. In order to collect the things that you store in your unit, you use a special access code, which means you can access your belongings at any time. Less Mess Storage buildings are situated in the most convenient locations that are extremely easy to get to. Check out where the nearest Less Mess Storage location is and enjoy professional and modern self storage units.

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