How to store medical supplies and medications?

Hardly anyone in this world does not own a home first-aid kit. We always try to have at least a few basic meds on hand, mainly painkillers and those to combat mild but common cold. Although nowadays you can find a pharmacy on almost every corner, it is worth having at least a few medications and a medical kit to cope with the first symptoms of a cold or a minor injury. However, do we all remember how to store medicines so that their effects and safety of use are not in any way affected?

Storing medications at home – basic principles

Sometimes we take medicines, especially over-the-counter medicines, a bit lightly. We only reach for them in a moment of weakness and then put them away anywhere, making it difficult to find them later. Therefore, the first rule for storing medicines is to organise them properly. Have a specific place for them and make sure that everyone in the house puts the meds in their place, even if they are just cough tablets.

home first aid kit

In addition, it is definitely not worth throwing away the original boxes and leaflets. It is much easier to organise the medicine cabinet at home if you can see at a glance, without flicking through the leaflets, where the medicine you need is. Most importantly, however, is the fact that the package has an expiry date stamped on it, which should be particularly observed in the case of medical preparations. It is also very important to keep the leaflets. Although we can nowadays check the side effects or general effects of medicine on the Internet, it is not always possible to do so. The leaflet, on the other hand, will always be available and will allow us to avoid any possible confusion.

Do not exceed the expiry date!

Remember to check regularly whether a medicine has exceeded its expiry date. If it is, it must be disposed of. Taking expired medicines can result in health problems, so always check the date before reaching for the medicine. In the best case scenario, it simply won’t work because it will have lost its properties, but there is also a chance that it will harm you.

How do you store medicines at home?

If you want to keep your medicines organised, it’s a good idea to buy a basket to hold all your tablets and syrups, as well as plasters, bandages and other useful medical supplies. The medicine storage basket can be plastic, cardboard or even wicker – the most important thing is to make sure that the names of the preparations are easily recognisable – so that you don’t have to rearrange everything to find a specific medicine.

rules for storing medicines at home

The storage of medicines in pharmacies and other drug outlets is covered by strict legal regulations on how medicines and other medical devices should be stored. This does not apply to home medicine cabinets and, in any case, we can hardly expect to provide a perfect environment for medicines. Nevertheless, care should be taken to provide the best possible conditions for them. They should not come into contact with moisture or sunlight and they must be kept away from children. An upper, lockable cupboard is ideal, and preferably not, for example, in the kitchen or bathroom, where there is high humidity.

How do you store medicines in hot weather?

Is storing medicines in the fridge a good solution when the temperature rises rapidly? Yes, although it is not necessary to put everything there. Most medicines should be stored at 15-25 degrees Celsius, although some of them, known as thermolabile and photosensitive medicines, require a lower temperature (2-8 degrees), so when you bring them from the pharmacy you should store them in special thermal bags.

If the weather is very hot, make sure that the medicines do not have any contact with the sun and are placed on a completely dry surface. If the temperature inside the house starts to get very high, it is a good idea to move some of the medicines precisely to the fridge, as the heat can cause them to lose their properties (this is the case with contraceptives, for example). Before doing so, however, it is advisable to ask your doctor or pharmacist which products require this special treatment.

How do we store medicines when we temporarily have no room at home?

During renovations or moves, it is very easy for medical supplies and medicines to get lost in the clutter. They can end up in the wrong hands, e.g. children. What’s more, we may forget to preserve them properly, so they end up in an inappropriate environment for a while, impacting the way they work.

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