How to store jewellery?

How do you store your jewellery? Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches – for many of us, these are not just items, but possessions close to our hearts. They complement us in both our everyday lives and on special occasions. We like to match them with our outfit, hairstyle, make-up, the occasion, and even our mood. It is no wonder, then, that every jewellery lover strives to keep their jewellery in the right way. This is not only due to the desire to keep them organised, but also to maintain their perfect condition for many years. It is therefore good to know the basics of storing jewellery and ideas for displaying it.

Jewellery – Ensure It Is Stored Properly

Whether you choose gemstones and noble metals, or prefer enamel or stainless steel jewellery, proper storage is essential. In this way, we can avoid scratches on delicate pieces and prevent mechanical damage, which would often require costly repairs. We should also add that some pieces of jewellery may hold priceless sentimental value for us, and therefore their irreversible damage would cause a double loss.

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Above all, it is important to remember to keep your jewellery away from sunlight and humidity. Otherwise, it can start to lose its original colour and tarnish. Therefore, storing necklaces or earrings in the bathroom will not work at all – the increased humidity will lead to them becoming dull over time and no longer attracting as much attention as before. A far better place to store jewellery would be the dressing room or simply the bedroom.

The second important point is not to put all pieces of jewellery in one container without clearly separating the individual pieces. Why? Regardless of the weave of our bracelets or necklaces, chains can become tangled, which will result in scratches and, in addition, can cause damage when untangling them.

Jewellery Storage – Ideas

How do you store your jewellery to ensure it is well organised and in the right conditions? Despite assumptions, it is not difficult at all, and there are at least a few ways. For this, you can use the materials you already have or consider purchasing an organiser specifically for this purpose. Much depends on which method of organising jewellery suits you best.

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Storing Jewellery in a Drawer

To store your jewellery properly, you only need one drawer in your dresser or even in your desk. It does not have to be particularly deep. In this case, it can be a good solution to buy drawer organisers, which usually come in the form of plastic baskets of different sizes. This allows you to sort your jewellery according to individually determined criteria.

Storing bracelets and other favourite jewellery does not necessarily require the purchase of organisers. You can just as successfully use the original packaging – various boxes and pouches from jewellery shops are made of materials that protect even the most delicate elements and prevent them from being damaged. We can arrange them all in a drawer, which, by the way, gives a very aesthetically pleasing look.

Jewellery Box or Stand

Want to make storing your jewellery part of your interior design too? Not a problem at all. Just use a decorative casket with conveniently divided drawers to secure all your earrings and necklaces, where there is a special place for rings, for example.

To display your accessories even better, you can also opt for a jewellery stand. Sometimes it looks like a miniature version of a coat hanger – chains, bracelets and rings are hung on the protruding rods. Also, very impressive are stands with round bases, where you can perfectly display any earrings or brooches. However, it is important to keep the stand in a shady place.

The Long-Term and Wholesale Solution – Less Mess Storage

Do you have precious jewellery that has been passed down from generation to generation and you don’t want to keep it at home? Or are you preparing to move house soon and don’t want your favourite earrings to go missing in all the chaos of moving? To take proper care of them, you can rent a locker at Less Mess Storage.

We offer self-storage units for hire, among which there are also small lockers that can be used as jewellery storage. We make sure that the ideal conditions prevail in our facilities, both in terms of temperature and air quality and humidity. Thus, your jewellery will be safe for the duration of a renovation or a move, as well as the

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