I’m moving out. Where can I store my things in the meantime?

After months of search, talks and doubts you have finally fulfilled your dream – you’re moving from your current house or flat! Now you’re going to swap your place for something bigger and more spacious. Although there is absolutely no doubt that this is the period filled with joy and excitement, it is also quite stressful, as you’re snowed under with tasks that you need to get done before the moving day. Many people ask themselves: How can I safely transport my things to the new place and what can I do with other belongings during the moving process?

Moving house. How should I get ready for it?

We say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread and it is also true in case of moving house. If we want the moving process to go smoothly and without any nasty surprises that will turn our life upside down or delay the moving day, we definitely need an action plan. Making decisions on the spur of the moment or, what’s even worse, delaying making a decision, is something that you should try to avoid, as it will only cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. If you want to move house without any problems, the first thing you need is an action plan.

Moving house – remember about the formalities

Moving house often comes with an abundance of situations that we’re facing for the first time in our lives. And just like in many everyday situations, it is inevitable to deal with some formalities. Before you move house, you need to make sure that you are not behind on any bills or payments, such as electricity, gas, water or phone bills. It is also a good idea to inform the electricity and Internet providers or other relevant institutions about your new address.

Moving from a rented flat. An action plan is a must

Moving from your current house or flat, you need to have an action plan. It might seem a little unnecessary at first, but rest assured, afterwards you’ll appreciate having everything organised in advance. Here’s an example of an action plan:

  • look through your things carefully and decide what you want to bring to your new house;
  • pack up your things appropriately;
  • plan where you will store some of your things during the moving process;
  • check that you’re not behind on any bills and payments;
  • consider hiring a moving company that will help you transfer all your belongings to the new house;
  • make sure that you’ve completed all the formalities related to buying a house or renting a flat.

What should I bring with me to my new house?

It’s a question that is commonly asked by people who are about to move house. Remember that moving house is a great time to get rid of unnecessary things that have been cluttering our house or flat for ages. What should we do with the things that we’re not planning to bring with us to our new place? It’s simple. If they are in a good condition, you can give them away to people in need, friends, family or simply sell them. There’s no point in transferring things that we haven’t used for years. They will only be a waste of space in our new house.

Where should I store my things during the moving process.

It might happen that, for various reasons, your new house is not completely ready for you to move in. For example, certain renovation works got delayed and you can’t move in just yet. And then at the same time it turns out that, for various possible reasons, you can’t stay at your current place any longer, because, for example, you have already terminated your lease. What can you do with all your things if you can’t store them at your new place yet? A great solution is a convenient self storage service provided, among others, by our company in Poland.

Using such type of service is an amazing solution that will help you cut down on some tensions during this stressful time. Instead of wondering where to store your furniture, house appliances or asking your family or friends for help, you can easily use convenient Less Mess Storage units.

Renting our units is extremely simple. First of all, you pick a room size. At Less Mess Storage we have both small and big units, some of them big enough to fit furniture and appliances of all sorts. With our company, you can book a storage unit of your choice remotely, which helps you to save some time that you will definitely need during the moving process. Then, once you’re already a Less Mess Storage customer, you digit your personal access code that will provide you with unlimited access to your unit at any time of day and night and even during public holidays. It means that, regardless of the situation, you’ll be able to use our storage units whenever you need it.

Another argument in favour of using Less Mess Storage services when moving house is the fact that all of our units are equipped with modern safety and video surveillance systems. Then you can be reassured that your valuable possessions are completely safe with us.

Save yourself some stress and use our help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help you.

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