How to store Christmas decorations?

At the beginning of December, many of us decide to bring out boxes with Christmas Decorations from the attic, basement or a different storage place. There is no denying that over a few years we’ve managed to gather quite a few knick-knacks that we use to decorate our house or flat for the Christmas season. And even though Christmas is a beautiful period, it often goes by really fast and then we need to take all the decorations down and store them somewhere until next year. But what are we supposed to do if it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the right spot to keep them?

Storing Christmas decorations – practical tips

In order to keep everything tidy and avoid scouring the whole house for Christmas tree decorations, it’s a good idea to have a storage system in place. Packing up Christmas decorations to make sure that they stay safe until the next season does not really require any fancy resources – you only need some boxes, e.g., shoe boxes or other type of cardboard boxes. Some bubble wrap will also come in handy to protect more fragile, glass elements. You’ll also need some sealing tape and a marker.

It’s a good idea to sort out all the objects. Put all the Christmas tree decorations in one or two boxes and wall decorations and figurines in another box. You can do the same with Christmas tablecloth or napkins that you only use for a short period of the year. After all, we don’t use napkins with Christmas designs and patterns in the summer.

After organising all the things into categories, you only need to put them in a box of your choice (and safeguard them first, if necessary) and then seal the box carefully and label it so that later on you know what its content is without opening it. Under no circumstances should you scatter Christmas decorations around different places in the house. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of trouble finding them and they might also get damaged. Instead, it’s better to dedicate them a separate spot to know exactly where they are. But how are we supposed to free up a separate spot, especially if our flat is small and Christmas decorations take up a lot of space?

Less mess Storage – we will help you with post-Christmas clean-up

And what about using a rental storage room with the right size for our needs, where we can place not only Christmas tree decorations, lights and trinkets, but also our artificial Christmas tree? All these opportunities are provided to you by self storage – rental storage units available in the biggest Polish cities: Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław and the Tricity.

Using storage services is very simple. You only need to decide what type of room you need and sign a contract with a specified rental period. You can choose the most appropriate storage room without leaving your house. On our website, you can find visualisations of different storage units, which makes it easy to decide which one you need.

Less Mess Storage units are a great solution for storing seasonal decorations. This way, they don’t clutter up your house and you can also pick them up any time. You have access to your rented unit 24/7.

In our branches, we also have shops that offer packing resources. They might turn out to be very useful in case you need to transfer your things to a different place.

What are our safety measures?

People trust us with their things, so safety is our priority, regardless of whether you want to store valuables, family heirlooms or simple Christmas decorations. We use modern, professional security systems, including 24/7 video surveillance and very sensitive alarm systems. Our customers can access their units using their personal access code that is generated upon signing the contract and additionally, they can put on their own padlock, which adds an extra layer of security.

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