Luggage storage rooms and lockers for travellers. When do they come in handy?

Frequent travelling, even if you don’t cover large distances, is interesting and exciting, but it can also be quite problematic at times. If you are planning to stay somewhere for a longer period, you need to take care of all the necessary elements: a place to stay, getting to know the city, including navigating different locations, restaurants etc. In such situations you may find yourself looking for a secure place to store your luggage, whether it’s short or long-term.  So, when is it a good idea to use storage rooms and, most importantly, what type should we choose?

When is using luggage storage rooms necessary?

You have planned a journey around the most important places on the map of Poland and you’re planning to see as many cities and towns as possible? Then you may realise that you don’t want to stay in every time for a longer period. Contrary to what you may think, a one-day stay might be enough to see the most important sights, grab a bite and continue your journey. However, it’s difficult to imagine that you will carry your suitcases and bags around with you while walking around a new place. It’s not convenient or safe. At the end of the day, if you let go off your luggage only for a few seconds, it might already get stolen. Sitting in a restaurant with tons of bags and suitcases is also far from pleasant.

If you have already booked a place to stay, then the solution seems pretty simple. You only need to wait until the check-in time and leave your luggage with the hotel staff, who will then transfer it to your room. Your bags or suitcases will wait for you there until you get back from your stroll.

But what if you’re planning to move to a different town or city the very same day? What can you do with your suitcases in the meantime? It’s simple – you need a storage room for your luggage. They are often available at railway or bus stations, which means that you don’t need to carry your things around too far. You can put them in a locker room as soon as you get off the train.

But even longer stays may imply some luggage-related issues. For example, if you are staying for a few days with some of your family members, it may turn out that they don’t have enough room in the house for all your suitcases. While you can easily bring a backpack with all your necessities, some of your heavier items might be a bit bulky to carry and we all want to avoid troubling our relatives with it. Therefore, using a storage unit seems to be the most reasonable and convenient solution.

Luggage lockers for students

University students should also enquire about an appropriate place to store their luggage. As the holidays come, you often leave the room that you have been renting or your dorm room. Does it make sense to take all your belongings, including notes, textbooks and study resources, to your family home? Not necessarily. Especially given the fact that you will need to bring all those things back at the beginning of a new academic year.

Is railway station storage room safe?

Many people wonder whether storage rooms available at railway or bus stations are safe and whether they really do the job. At the end of the day, you need to remember that they are located in a public place, where many people walk around every day. Even though railway or bus stations are usually monitored by surveillance cameras and security guards, the storage rooms may still get broken into.

The cases of things getting stolen from station storage rooms are not rare at all. In most cities, the lockers that are available have definitely seen better days, so they are not equipped the newest security systems. It is important to remember that potential thieves may very well know how to access such a locker room without drawing anyone’s attention.

Also, more often than not, the lockers available at bus or train stations are simply not big enough for us to store all of our luggage. We need to remember that when it comes to public locker rooms, it’s difficult to keep the right level of privacy and comfort. So, it’s completely natural that when using them to store your suitcases, you don’t really feel secure. On the other hand, it seems pointless to rent a hotel room only for the sake of storing your luggage. A vast majority of people prefer much simpler solutions that will also ensure the highest level of security.

Looking for a luggage storage room? Check out a self-service storage unit

If you’re planning a shorter or a longer trip, storage units are a convenient and advantageous option. This type of service is called “self storage”, meaning self-service storage units that you can use any time that you are planning to go away for fun or for business. Moreover, it is a great solution for university students during summer holidays or if they plan to participate in the Erasmus programme abroad and don’t want anyone to have access to their things.

Our offer includes rooms of various sizes. You will find locker rooms as small as 0.5 m² or 1 m3, as well as big rooms, even bigger than 30 m², depending on the location.  So, no matter how much luggage you are planning to bring with you, you will easily find the solution that fits your needs. What is also important, you do not need to rent the room for the whole month. The rental period can be as short as 7 days.

If you like to have everything ready even before you set off on a trip, remember that you can book your locker remotely. The only thing you need to do is to decide on its size and then complete a few simple formalities. Then once you get to your destination, your storage space will be already waiting for you there.

Advantages of using self storage while travelling

Is renting a storage unit really such a good idea to keep your luggage, even when you have your valuables inside? Very much so. As a customer, you digit your personal access code to your rental space. This space is only yours. And your things are safe with us: our site has 24/7 surveillance system. You can put your own padlock on your room and every location is equipped with a modern system of access control and surveillance that works 24/7. There is also a possibility of putting your own padlock.

If you are wondering whether your belongings will be stored in an appropriate way, you need to know that our sites are equipped with modern heating and ventilation systems. It enables us to keep the right temperature and air quality, which means that even your most fragile things will be kept in appropriate conditions. You have 24/7 access to your room. You do not need to inform anyone beforehand that you are going there. You can come and go whenever you want.

So, if you are a student looking for a temporary solution to keep your belongings, self storage will be the best option for you. You can split the rental costs with your friends and you will all get the space that you need. What is more, with Less Mess Storage you do not need to rent your space for the whole year, as it is often the case with renting a flat. You are the one who decides how long you will rent your storage space for.

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