Self storage as a response for e-commerce needs

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has been flourishing in Poland. It definitely stems from the fact that the consumers want to shop in a more convenient, cheaper and quicker way than they have been doing so far. Also, because of the pandemic situation in our country, we are more willing to shop online than in regular shops.  And all this becomes a big challenge for the e-commerce industry. For every e-commerce business, it is important to have the appropriate warehouse that will allow them to put all the necessary logistic and operational elements of a given company. An appropriate solution for e-commerce companies may be choosing self storage services, which consists of renting self-service storage units.

Storage units versus e-commerce needs

E-commerce market is a fast-growing industry. One of its most common forms are all types of online shops. Because of the great interest from the customers, as well as the growing demand, online shops need to look for warehouses of an appropriate size. A self-service storage unit can be a great place to both pick up, prepare and return the orders. It can also be used to store company documents.

What is self storage?

Even though self storage services have been growing in popularity in Poland, the concept still remains unknown to many people. Self storage in nothing more than renting self-service storage units. They first appeared in the 1950s in the USA, where they really started flourishing in the 1960s. Since then, they have always been incredibly successful in the States. What is more, they can be found in more and more countries around the world. Our company, Less Mess Storage, is one of the providers of such services in Poland.

Who are self storage units made for?

Less Mess Storage units are made for both individual customers and companies, including e-commerce businesses. Our storage units are perfect for storing business documentation, advertising materials and other types of goods.

Self storage services offered by our company are first and foremost extra space that is extremely important in the e-commerce industry. Storage units are also great places to prepare your orders. It is a good idea to make your job easier and use the service of parcel pick-up/shipping. Once you have prepared your parcel, you only need to leave it with someone from our staff and you don’t need to wait all day for the courier to arrive. Also, each of our branches has a shop, where you can purchase the materials that will help you prepare your package and safeguard it before the shipping.

Self storage is an amazing solution for shops that sell online. Renting a small office leads to substantial costs and therefore, many people decide to store their goods at home, which makes it more difficult for them to run the business and manage their space. Renting a storage unit is not only easier, but also more profitable.

How do you use self storage?

Renting a storage unit with Less Mess Storage is an easy and quick procedure. As a customer, you decide how long you want to rent your space for. With visualisations that can be found on our website, you can see the sizes of the rooms that we offer. You can choose among 40 different sizes, ranging 0.5m² to over 30m², depending on the location. After you have chosen the right storage for your needs, you sign a rental contract with us for as long as you need it. Apart from that, all the formalities can be completed remotely.

Advantages of Less Mess Storage units for the e-commerce industry

Why is it worth using Less Mess Storage services when running an online shop? Besides getting extra space to store your goods, you also get the peace of mind that your things are stored in appropriate and safe conditions. Each of our sites is equipped with 24/7 surveillance system and you can lock the room with your own padlock – you are the only person who has it.  As our customer, you digit your personal access code that enables you to use our storage 24/7.

Less Mess Storage branches are located in the biggest cities in Poland, such as Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław, the Tricity and Poznań. There are multiple locations in each city, which will enable you to choose the right one for your company.

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