Rental storage cells and basements. What can we store inside?

Living in a block of flats comes with certain limitations, but also with some benefits. It’s important to remember that as one of the residents you have access to a basement or – in case of more modern flats – a storage cell. It’s a great solution if you need extra storage space. But what if you don’t really use either of them? The answer is simple: you can rent them.

Can we sell our basement or storage cell?

If you happened to be looking for a flat, you have certainly realised that neither the basement, nor the storage cell are included in the total floor area of the flat, even if they are assigned to it. Even though once you’ve bought your own flat you also become the owner of all the extra storage rooms that are assigned to it, these rooms should be considered separate.

In this case, are we allowed to sell our basement or storage cell? Not exactly. According to the property ownership act, you can sell your basement or storage cell only together with your flat. But it’s also important to remember that the property law allows you to rent a given room, including your part of the basement or your storage cell. In order to do so, you need to receive a permission from the housing cooperative or resolve this issue through court proceedings.

Then you also need to get a certification of the autonomy for this part of the property from the city mayor or the district governor and sign a separate contract of ownership, which is usually a notarial deed. This is not possible with basements or storage cells whose exclusive property right is held by the housing cooperative.

The size of an average storage cell is about 4 m², while the basement can even be as big as 7 m². Even though it might seem like it’s not a lot of space, a few extra square metres can determine whether there will be enough room for all the necessary equipment in your new house. But if, on the other hand, your basement or storage are unoccupied, as you don’t need them, it’s a good idea to consider renting them.

Rental storage cells – is it safe?

It might happen that you are on the other side of the spectrum and you’re the one in need of some extra storage space. Then you can consider renting a storage cell, e.g., from a neighbour who is not using it.

Unfortunately, you need to remember to take care of all the necessary safety measures yourself, just to make sure that it doesn’t get broken into and nothing gets stolen. Quite frequently storage cells are used for keeping expensive sport equipment, because we simply don’t have enough room to keep it inside the flat. The only alternative option is our balcony, but we usually want to use it in a more pleasant and comfortable way. Renting a storage cell in a block of flats entails some obstacles and a certain risk.

A basement for rent. But what about safety?

In older residential areas, rarely do we see storage cells, so the extra storage space is in the basement. It’s not a bad solution that many residents are willing to use. Among the things that are often kept in basements, we can find seasonal decorations, sport equipment that is currently not in use or even clothes or electronic devices.

But the problem with basements is that they don’t always have appropriate storage conditions. It’s a frequent phenomenon, usually related to bad ventilation. That is why basements often tend to be damp and don’t have the optimum temperature. We can ask ourselves a question whether a basement really is suitable for storing all the objects without risking that some of them will get damaged due to air quality. Unfortunately, it may also turn out that after a few months, when you want to pick some things up from the basement, they are in a much worse state than they were when your left them there.

Where can we store our things if not in the basement or storage cell in our block of flats?

There is no denying that living in a block of flats comes with many limitations. If you only have a studio or a very small flat, it’s difficult to find room for all the necessary things. Then it’s very easy to clutter your flat, as it’s hard to keep your things in order, even if you use some convenient storage tricks, such as using decorative boxes for your children’s clothes or toys.

Luckily, there’s a more convenient way to deal with lack of necessary space, while keeping the flat as tidy as you want it to be. The only thing you need to do is to use rental storage rooms.

Self storage – what is it about?

Self storage services that we offer consist of renting storage spaces whenever a customer needs them. The whole process is extremely quick and straightforward – you only need to choose the room of the size that you need and then sign a rental contract. You can also book your storage unit online, as on our website we have visualisations of all the storage rooms that we offer. They will enable you to decide what kind of room is the most suitable for your needs.

We offer both large storage spaces that are bigger than 25 m², as well as small units, e.g., 0.5 m² that can be used for storing important documents.

Our branches are situated in the biggest cities in Poland: in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław and the Tricity.

Is self storage completely safe?

At first glance, it may seem that a cell storage or a basement in your block of flats are safer storage solutions, mostly because they are very close to you. However, don’t forget that the risk of your things getting stolen is very high and your fragile things can get damaged in the basement.

Meanwhile, Less Mess Storage offers you a more modern and functional version of the storage cell that is equipped with great security systems that minimise the risk of breaking into to practically zero. It’s thanks to the fact that, as our customer, you use your individual access code. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are the only one who can enter your unit at any time and on any day – we’re here for you, 24/7.

Your storage room is protected with an extremely sensitive alarm system and 24/7 video surveillance. Additionally, you put on your own padlock to add an extra layer of security for your things and to make sure that you are the only person who can access them.

We always care about providing our customers with the best storage conditions. We use modern systems that allow to keep the optimum temperature and the appropriate quality of air. That’s how we guarantee that every object you left with us will remain intact, even if it’s hermetically sealed food.

We also realise how important it is to be eco-friendly. That is why we use the energy coming from modern PV panels, contributing at the same time to reducing the level of air pollution.

When is it a good idea to use self storage services?

A rental storage unit is a great solution if you are worried about leaving your things in a basement, but don’t have any alternative storage option. Then your storage unit can be considered a natural extension of your flat. Instead of keeping your bicycles or sport equipment on the balcony, you can also place them in your storage space.

But that’s not its only use. It can also be used as temporary storage in unexpected situations. For example, if you’re about to start thorough renovations works in your house, the furniture and other object can easily be transferred to a storage room in a Less Mess Storage facility of your choice. Instead of pushing heavy closets and bookcases around your flat, they will wait in a safe storage unit until the workers have finished redoing the walls.

It’s the same story when you move house. It often happens that your flat is not ready for you to move in yet, as some finishing works are still in progress and at the same time you need to leave your current place. You can stay for a few nights with one of your family members, but you still need a place to store your belongings. And that’s exactly when rental storage units come into play – you can use them until your new flat is ready.

We also need to mention that self storage is a great solution for entrepreneurs who don’t have a very spacious office or work from home. If you have an online shop, it’s difficult to store all the goods and prepare all the parcels at home.

That’s why it’s definitely a good idea to store your products in one of our storage rooms. Then not only will you be able to keep your goods organised, but also easily manage the shipment process. It’s thanks to the fact that in our facilities you can find a shop with everything you need to pack up your things, including cardboard boxes, sealing tapes, foil, fillers etc. Therefore, you will easily prepare all the parcels and the courier can pick them up directly from our facility. If necessary, you can ask one of Less Mess Storage employees to pass the parcels to the courier, which will help you save even more time and improve the logistics of your business.

If you don’t trust the storage cell or the basement in your block of flats, you can trust us and our services.

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