How to move house and get ready for it – step by step

The moving day is approaching. You will finally be able to move out of your family house or change your small flat for a bigger and more convenient one. And even though it’s an event that we are mostly excited about, it often turns out to be quite stressful. Moving house is a difficult and time-consuming process that can trigger a lot of tensions. But you can be on top of the whole chaos by following a few simple steps. How to get ready for moving house efficiently and without losing your mind?

How to organise the whole moving process? Come up with a plan!

The worst thing we can do when getting ready to move house is getting into a panic mode. With so many errands to run, it is indeed easy to lose your mind, but the whole situation should be approached with composure and planned at least a few weeks before the big day.

Moving house step by step and without unnecessary stress is possible if we write down a list of things that we need to take care of beforehand. It should be hung up in a visible spot so that you can cross off completed tasks one by one. This will make it much easier to manage your time and you will soon notice that moving house is not as scary as it seems, even if you are moving to a city situated miles away from where you currently live.

Moving house – paperwork-related advice

So far, you have been renting a flat and now you have finally managed to buy a house? Or maybe you’re just swapping your current place for something bigger and more spacious? Before you start enjoying the comfort of your new place, make sure that all the formalities related to the property deed, lease agreement etc. are taken care of. Don’t forget to discuss all the details with your new landlord. It is also necessary to check if you’re not behind on your bills, for example water or electricity bills.

Moving house – precious advice and support from others

If you are wondering how to plan the moving process, remember that you don’t need to do it alone. Ask your friends and family for help – it will definitely make it easier to handle. They can not only help you with packing up your stuff, but also do you some small favours, e.g., look after your pet on the moving day.

How to get ready for moving house? Relax. The day before the actual moving day treat yourself to something nice.  Go to the cinema, organise a small party for your friends and most importantly, get a good night’s sleep. If you are well rested, you will find it easier to handle the stress related to moving to a new town.

Moving house – how to start packing?

A key factor is to pack the things that you are planning to bring with you to a new place quickly and efficiently. First of all, you need to gather all the accessories necessary to transport your equipment and personal belongings. For this, the most useful things are cardboard boxes – in many different sizes – as well as sealing tape. As all the boxes, regardless of what you put inside them, should be filled up completely, don’t forget certain elements, such as styrofoam fillers or even some paper. It will prevent the things from moving inside the box and minimise the risk of them getting damaged. Don’t forget to label the boxes and containers. This way, when you’re already at your new place, you will know exactly what is in each box and unpacking will go smoothly.

Of course, that is not everything. Your go-to resources for packing up should also be bubble wrapfoam and cardboard. They will help to protect fragile elements and safeguard them to be transported. By saying that, we mean glass objects, such as drinking glasses, as well as certain elements of furniture. At the end of the day, tables and closets will not be transported in one piece, as they need to be disassembled first.

The moving day is approaching. How to organise all the resources necessary to pack up your stuff? You can get them in one of Less Mess Storage shops, where you’ll find a wide variety of cardboard boxes, as well as sealing tape, foil, paper or warning labels  to be stuck on boxes with fragile objects that need to be handled carefully. You can buy them in every Less Mess Storage branch or order online at eKartony.pl – you can have them delivered to your door or pick them up yourself. Make sure you buy these things well in advance so that you can pack up your stuff gradually – this will help you to have everything ready on time.

Also, don’t forget to sort out your belongings carefully. Moving house is a great opportunity to get rid of the stuff that you haven’t used in a long time. The things that are still in a good condition can be given away to your family and friends or sold. Everything that you want to bring with you to the new flat should be divided into categories. Pack up your clothes, books, dishes and food separately.

How to move house efficiently? Use professional services

You don’t have a van that you could use? No problem – you can book a professional moving company. It is even safer than transporting things on your own. If you make sure to choose the right company, you’ll have no doubt that your belongings will get to the new place safe and sound.

But what if you need to leave your current flat soon but the new one is still being redecorated? No worries – all your objects, from furniture, to clothes, dishes, electronic appliances and even hermetically sealed food, can be placed in a Less Mess Storage unit.  You only need to pick the most convenient location and room size. Self storage guarantees that your things are safe. Your unit will be protected with a sensitive alarm system, a lock and 24/7 video surveillance on-site. You will be able to access your things at any time of day and night by using your individual access code.

Your things will be waiting for the moving day in your storage unit. You do not need to worry about appropriate storage conditions, as they are guaranteed by modern heating and ventilation systems. When your new place is ready to move into, you can get all the stuff picked up directly from Less Mess Storage, which will definitely make the transport much easier.

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