Rental storage spaces – new self service solutions

Sometimes, due to some unexpected situations, it might happen that there isn’t enough space in your house or flat, even for the most basic things. If your space is limited, you will quickly realise that there’s barely room to swing a cat. Then it’s a good idea to reach out for some solutions that will enable you to have some free space and organise your work better. One of them are newly opened storage units.

Rental storage space – what is it about?

Self storage is a type of service that was born in the USA in the 1960s. Nowadays, it’s well-known all around the world so it comes as no surprise that it’s becoming more and more popular also in Poland. Customers get their storage units that they can then use to their heart’s content. These storage rooms are always available if you want to transfer your things there – both for short and longer periods.

Here, you’ll find very big rooms, but also tiny storage units, that are as small as 0.5 m². That’s what makes self storage a universal solution – you can choose the right room size according to your needs.

Storage units – who are they for?

There are virtually no limitations regarding who can become a Less Mess Storage customer. If you’re a private individual and a set of circumstances has made it impossible for you to keep all your things at home, a rental storage unit may be the best solution for you. It’s the same case with entrepreneurs who decided not to rent a separate office or who don’t have too much space – all the documents or even goods sold in your online shop can find a new home, namely a business storage unit.

The perks of rental storage rooms can also be appealing to students. If you show your university student ID, Less Mess Storage offers you a permanent discount on small units. They might come in handy if you’re planning to participate in the Erasmus programme, move house or simply to keep all the study resources when your rented flat or a dorm room lacks space. Small storage units are a perfect and easy solution for keeping your notes, textbooks or even some personal objects.

Self storage unit – renting, rules, advantages

Renting a Less Mess Storage unit is extremely simple. We need to pick the room size and then sign the rental contract – you can do everything without leaving the house. You will specify the rental period upon signing the contract. If necessary, the rental period can also be extended, so you don’t need to worry that you’ll be left without a place to store your things.

After signing the contract, the customer uses an individual access code to their storage unit. This way, they can be sure that no one else can access it. Storage units are open to our customers 24/7, so if you need to pick something up unexpectedly, you are free to go to your Less Mess Storage branch and access your unit without making any appointments with our staff.

The safety of the things you store is provided by extremely sensitive alarm systems and 24/7 video surveillance. As our customer, you can put an extra padlock on your storage unit, where you keep furniture and more. With all these security features, the risk of your things getting stolen is virtually non-existent. Here, you can keep even very valuable objects without worrying that anything happens to them.

It’s important to know that at Less Mess Storage we have shops with packing resources. They offer resilient cardboard boxes of various capacities, wrapping foil, labels, sealing tapes etc. So, if you need to transfer your belongings from the storage unit, you can pack them there and then hire a courier or a transport company. This convenient solution will definitely be appreciated by people who run their own business. It makes a lot of sense to rent a business storage unit, given that you can also use it to prepare your goods to get sent.

Are small units appropriate for storing food?

There are two ways of looking at safety – one is protecting your things against potential thieves and the other – providing appropriate storage conditions. Less Mess Storage units are good even for keeping hermetically sealed food. It’s thanks to modern heating and ventilation systems installed in the building. They provide the optimum temperature and air quality in our storage rooms.

That is why both small units and big storage spaces are a better alternative to storing things on your balcony, in your basement or storage boxes. If you clutter your balcony with, for example, sport equipment, you deprive yourself of precious space where you could spend some lazy time in the open air. What’s more, it’s important to remember that even a fully covered balcony will not protect your things completely against the rain, snow or direct sunlight. Basements in blocks of flats, on the other hand, don’t have sufficient safety systems and they tend to be damp, which can damage more fragile objects.

Rental storage unit – storage room according to your needs

Storage units and related services may come in handy in various situations. When you’re moving house and your new place is not ready yet, but you must vacate your current flat, the so-called Hotel for things® will help you transfer your stuff stress-free. While sleeping temporarily at your family or friend’s house, you can transfer your belongings, such as clothes or electronic equipment, to the storage room.

Do you need storage for furniture? No problem – just pick one of the bigger Less Mess Storage rooms (starting from 15.5m²) where you can move all your closets, tables or chairs. That’s an extremely helpful solution during renovation works at your house, as you won’t have to keep moving around heavy bookcases to protect them from getting dirty with paint or plaster.

Both small and large storage rooms can be found in the biggest Polish cities: Warsaw, Cracow, the Tricity, Poznań and Wrocław. So, wherever you live, you will easily find a Less Mess Storage unit nearby, where you can safely keep all your most valuable possessions. If you can’t pick the right size of the storage room, you can always look at the room visualisation available on our website, which will help you to make a decision.

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