Divorce – emotions run high and I need to face the division of property… How can I get through this mess?

Research shows that in recent years people in Poland are more and more eager to get married, but also a lot of married couples end up getting divorced. More or less one out of three married couples decide to end their marriage. It’s an extremely difficult moment that triggers not only a whirlwind of emotions and stress, but also many issues on an organisational level. One spouse moves out or gets “kicked out,” which raises an important question: what do we do with all the things?

Divorces in Poland – some statistics

According to data presented in the Demographic Yearbook of 2018, around 200 thousand couples got married in Poland that year. It’s been quite a constant number in Poland since 2010. Unfortunately, the number of divorce cases is going up. In 2018 there were 62 843 of them. It means that for every 1000 newly married couples there are about 326 divorces. What is more, there were 1254 cases of legal separation. Looking back, these numbers keep rising:

  • 2010 – 61 600 divorce cases;
  • 2017 – 65 257 divorce cases;
  • 2018 – 62 843 divorce cases

And with the current situation in the world, the experts predict that these numbers might go up even more. It turns out that being stuck in the house with our partners for a few weeks during the global pandemic may cause more divorce cases.

Divorce and self storage

What do divorce cases and self storage services have in common…? It turns out that quite a lot. It’s the only place apart from “your mum’s house” where you can keep your things. When there is divorce, there are always emotions. Some people grieve a failed relationship or experience a whirlwind of emotions. We have all seen or heard of the scenes where things were getting thrown out of a balcony, literally onto the street… And what then? It’s easy to find a place for yourself, but what about your things? Sometimes it’s not only small objects but also various appliances and furniture.

Less Mess Storage is an amazing temporary solution that can help to make the moving process more efficient and allow you to get through difficult life situations, especially if they happen unexpectedly and make you feel very emotional.

Self-service storage – what is it?

The idea of rental storage spaces first appeared in the United States in the 1960s. And as the self storage services have become very popular, they have also made their way to other countries, including Poland.

It’s an extremely simple solution. At Less Mess Storage you can find rooms in many different sizes: from small units to spaces as big as 30 m². After you’ve chosen the right type of space, you sign a contract and receive your personal access code. You can put a padlock on your storage room and consider it your private space. You have access to your unit and your things 24/7, including public holidays. With the access code, video surveillance and individual alarm system, your things are safe and sound. It’s the customer who decides on the length of the rental period.

What can we store in self storage units?

At Less Mess Storage, there are countless storage possibilities. You can store your furniture, electronic appliances and sport equipment, decorations, clothes or even hermetically sealed food. Since we use modern ventilation and heating methods, every unit has perfect storage conditions that guarantee that even the most fragile objects are stored safely.

A self storage unit can be of great help if you need to move out unexpectedly. That’s where you can transfer all your belongings until you manage to reorganise your life. At Less Mess Storage, you will also find a shop with cardboard boxes and other tools necessary to pack up your things – sealing tapes, wrapping foil, cardboard boxes etc. You can also order them at www.eKartony.pl

You’re welcome to visit our branches in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław and the Tricity.

You can check the exact locations and prices at www.lessmess.pl without leaving your house. You can also book your unit online and sign the contract remotely.

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