Rental storage units – a perfect solution for lack of space!

While tidying up the house, many of us come to a conclusion that we don’t have enough room for all the things that we own. It’s very often the case with people who run their own business at home. What can we do to prevent our cosy flat from looking like a storage unit because of all the things that we keep in there? There is a solution to that – you can use self storage services.

Not enough space at home? Rent a storage unit.

Hoarding things is a tendency that many people are guilty of. Sometimes it’s because we feel attached to these objects, they have a sentimental value or bring back good memories. Sometimes we don’t want to let go of something that is still in a good condition and we think we’ll use it “one day.” We also keep seasonal clothes, electronic appliances, sport equipment and Christmas decorations that we only use once a year. But if we live in a small flat, general house clean-ups can make us realise that the space we have is not sufficient for all everything and skiing equipment, alongside our kids’ snow sledge, cannot wait until next winter in our living room.

Some people solve this problem by temporarily putting all these objects on the balcony, in the basement, the attic or in storage boxes. However, none of these options are efficient in the long run. Placing these things on our balcony, we simply clutter up the space that we could use for something much more fun, like our own small garden, where we could relax with a delicious cup of tea or coffee on a sunny afternoon.

On the other hand, storing our stuff in basements or storage boxes doesn’t guarantee that our things are safe. It often happens that many valuable things, like for example sport equipment, that we have decided to store there goes missing forever.

Also, these storage options do not provide optimum conditions for our things. Things left on a balcony are exposed to negative effects of weather conditions. It’s a similar situation with basements. Very often they are not properly heated, which facilitates moisture accumulation and the growth of mould that can be detrimental to our things.

Self storage ‒ what is it?

Self Storage, as the name indicates, is a rental storage unit or space. This type of units has been very popular in the USA for a long time, but over the last years, they have also been given a warm welcome in Poland.

Rental storage space ‒ why is it a good idea to use it?

The main argument in favour of using Less Mess Storage services is the guarantee that your things are safe. Renting one of our storage rooms, you can rest assured that your valuable things are safe with us. All the Less Mess Storage units have been equipped with 24/7 video surveillance, padlocks and special alarm systems. Moreover, every customer gets an individual, personal access code that allows them to access their unit at any time of day and night, seven days a week.

Who can rent a storage unit?

The answer is simple. Anyone! It doesn’t matter whether you rent a storage unit to keep personal belongings or business-related things, Less Mess Storage provides you with countless possibilities. It’s also a perfect solution for you if you’re into many different sports. From now on you’ll be able to store your professional equipment in a safe place, without keeping it in your flat.

What’s more, the storage space is a great solution to consider when renovating your place our moving house. With Less Mess Storage services available to you, you do not have to ask your family or friends for help, but you can use a professional, safe place to store your things ‒ Less Mess Storage is here for you.

Storage units are easy to find and accessible in the biggest Polish cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Cracow, Poznań and the Tricity.

Rental storage spaces ‒ helpful to businesses

Many people who run their own business decide not to rent a separate office space for their company. Even though it allows us to cut down on rental costs and bills, it can also create quite a few issues when it comes to business management, especially if we run an online shop at home.

In this case it is also a good idea to consider renting a storage unit. This way you can free up space for packing up your products and preparing them to be sent. In Less Mess Storage branches, there are also shops with various packing accessories, such as cardboard boxes and wrapping foil. Moreover, you can ask the courier to pick up the parcels directly from the Less Mess Storage unit. You can also ask one of Less Mess Storage employees to pick up the parcels for you. It’s a solution that helps you run your business effectively, without wasting too much time or space in your house.

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