Storing goods – what kind of place is the best option?

Running your own business comes with plenty of advantages, but also numerous duties and a great deal of responsibility. Having your own company has, just like everything else, its good and bad sides. One of the most important decisions is picking the right place to store your goods. It is crucial, as the right kind of storage space is both convenient and safe – in terms of storage conditions, as well as robust protection against any potential thefts.


Basic rules of storing goods – what conditions should the storage place meet?

What conditions should the storage place meet in order for it to be convenient? Discover the main rules of storing goods in a storage place.

Optimum storage conditions

First of all, a storage unit where you keep your goods should provide you with optimum storage conditions. The right level of humidity and temperature are very important, as they guarantee that the goods that you store will not get damaged due to high humidity, too high or too low temperatures, which can happen in traditional garages, basements and storage cells.

Modern security systems

Second of all, the storage unit should have an appropriate security system in place that protects your belongings against theft. By choosing appropriately secured storage spaces, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your goods.

Car park and a convenient dispatch area


Third of all, you should choose a place with a car park and a convenient dispatch area. It is very convenient for you on a daily basis, as well as for deliveries or courier pick-ups. Also, make sure that the place you pick has large, convenient corridors and big enough lifts that will allow you to transfer your goods comfortably.

Keeping your goods at a self storage unit

The storage units that we offer meet all of these conditions.

We know perfectly well that worrying about your goods can keep you awake at night. At the end of the day, that is where you have invested a big part of your money. In order to make sure that no unauthorised person can access your goods, we provide high-quality, modern security systems. You can access your unit with a special access code. This solution also allows you to grant access to your employees.

Our rental storage units are conveniently located, have optimum storage conditions, big car parks, comfortable lifts and wide corridors. Self storage units are the perfect choice for company owners. Storing your goods in a self storage unit is very convenient, comfortable and safe. At Less Mess Storage, you can also store your palettes.  We have special trucks that will help you transport your palettes easily.


Online shop owners will surely appreciate the fact that each of our sites has a shop with all the accessories necessary to prepare your parcel: cardboard boxes, packaging resources and accessories. What is also very important, once you’ve prepared your parcels, you can leave them with one of Less Mess Storage employees who will transfer them to a courier. You do not need to waste your precious time waiting for a courier to arrive!

Self storage units are the perfect places not only for the shop owners who need to stock plenty of goods. They are also a convenient solution for salespeople or virtually anyone looking for a safe storage space.

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