Family heirloom – a small object with a huge value

Late October and early November is a time of reflection. The All Saints’ Day reminds us of the fragility of our lives and brings back the memories of our ancestors that are not here anymore. But what is left of them are family heirlooms. They carry a material value, as well as a sentimental one. The latter is usually much more important. The objects that our ancestors left behind allow us to relive memories and still feel their “presence”. If you are in a possession of some family heirlooms and are wondering where to store them while you are away or how to avoid them getting damaged when redecorating your house, discover our self storage units.


Family heirlooms – where to store them?

Self storage units can turn out useful as a place to keep the things that our loved ones left behind.


If you have decided to sell a house or a flat of a family member who passed away, you also need to do something about their belongings. Obviously, many people are reluctant to throw them away. They feel extremely sentimental about them and want to keep them close but, for various reasons, they can’t take them to their own house. The solution here is renting a self storage unit. Thanks to your self storage space, you won’t need to take the objects to your house, but you won’t have to throw them away either and you will be able to come back to them any time you want.


Saying goodbye to things that belonged to a person who passed away is a very difficult task. For some people it might even feel virtually impossible for the first few months. They might see it as a final goodbye. You can obviously get rid of the majority of these objects, only keeping a small part of them as family heirlooms. But this is not possible for everyone.

Family heirloom at self storage


When renting a self storage unit, you will be able to adapt its size to your own needs. Our self storage units have optimum storage conditions, which means that the things that you store will not get damaged by temperature or humidity. Moreover, the place is equipped with modern security systems. No one, except you, will have access to your rented space. The contract with Less Mess Storage can be signed for a week, a month or an undetermined duration with a 30-day notice period. This flexible contract is very convenient. It’s up to you to decide how long you wish to store your things for.

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