What can rental storage containers be used for?

Storing important things, especially if they take up a lot of space, can be quite problematic. Especially that we often desperately need some extra space and it’s difficult to find it at home. So, we start looking for alternative solutions that would streamline our workflow and help us to keep everything more organised. One of the options available are storage containers. Is it really a good idea? Or maybe there is a better alternative solution?

Actually, what are storage containers?

A storage container is a simple, mobile structure that you can place nearly anywhere. It’s not difficult at all to build such a container – they are usually made of solid materials that are resistant to external factors, e.g., trapezoidal sheets. What is more, they can be insulated, which gives them some extra resistance against temperature changes.

To a great extent, these containers look like sea containers used to safely transport goods on ships.  However, we still need to remember that if we want to use a container for maritime transport, it needs to have a special certificate that standard storage containers do not have.

What are storage containers used for?

The above-mentioned containers are really versatile. Hence more and more people start using them nowadays.

For example, a container can be very useful when you are building a house or doing some extensive renovation works. As we all now, construction works require a lot of tools and equipment that is often quite pricey. And sometimes it is difficult to keep the construction site tidy, especially if we have hired a large team of workers. There is no denying that unpacking and packing all the equipment is overly time-consuming and inconvenient. We lose precious minutes or even hours that could be spent doing something much more purposeful.

That’s why a storage container can become a part of the construction site and used to store all the necessary tools and machines.  If you make sure that your container has all the necessary safety features – and rental containers usually have them – you won’t need to worry that something will happen to your expensive equipment at night. And you won’t have to unload all the things that you need every day to then load them back to your car at the end of your working day. Instead, they will safely wait for you in the storage container until the next day.

There is no doubt that extra storage space often comes in handy when we are running our own business. And that’s exactly when storage containers come into play. This solution is extremely beneficial. First of all, regardless of the size of your company’s facilities – and many people run their own business directly from home – you have access to some space where you can store your goods. It doesn’t matter what these goods are – it can be food, toys, electronic appliances, clothes or other manufactured articles.

Storage container – should I rent it or should I buy it?

Everything really depends on how long you need the storage for. If you are a business owner and therefore need space for all the necessary things, then buying a storage container is definitely a better option than renting it. However, if you’re planning to use it as a temporary solution – e.g., when building a house – then renting might be a better idea for you.

Pros and cons of storage containers

Renting a storage container is a great solution in many situations – you can transfer it at any time and use it in a way that is the most convenient for you.  With the appropriate lighting, using a container when it’s dark outside is not a problem. Having this extra storage possibility is therefore very convenient.

Unfortunately, many people wonder whether a storage container really is a safe solution. Even though it’s equipped with a few security latches, and we can also add a few other safety features, there is no denying that no one looks after the content of our storage container when we’re not there. Hence, there is a certain risk that the container will get broken into or robbed.

It’s also important to mention that most of the containers are not very big. Therefore, if your business grows, it may slowly turn out that the container you have bought is insufficient.

Rental storage spaces – an interesting alternative solution to containers

At Less Mess Storage you can find a great alternative solution if you don’t really want to use the containers or simply if you want to explore other possibilities. We offer storage services, which means that we rent storage spaces. Our branches are situated in the biggest cities across Poland: in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław and the Tricity.  Therefore, you will easily find the most suitable location for your needs.

What is the rental process like? It’s extremely simple – you only need to decide what room size you need and then sign a contract – which can also be done online. That’s it. After completing all the formalities, you can already use your own individual access code to your storage room. Also, you can choose your storage without leaving your house. If you go to our website, you can see the visualisation of all the rooms, which will make it easier to choose the right one for you.

The advantage of a storage room over a container is the fact that we don’t have to worry about running out of space. Some of our rooms are even bigger than 25 m², which means that you can easily store all the things that are related to your business.

Safety is our priority. Even our employees won’t have access to your room – it is equipped with an extremely sensitive alarm system and 24/7 video surveillance. Additionally, you can install a padlock to make sure that no unauthorised person can enter your storage space and your things are completely safe.

It should also be noted that storage containers, even though they are good at protecting things against weather conditions, are quite often exposed to heavy rain or direct sunlight. It’s also possible that the container does not have the appropriate ventilation system and therefore, the food you keep in it and sell in your shop can quickly start going bad. At Less Mess Storage, we have heating and ventilation systems that provide our customers with optimum storage conditions. The air quality and the temperature are kept at a such a level that excludes the possibility of the things getting damaged. So, your food – as long as it’s hermetically sealed – is safe with us.

Why is it better to rent a Less Mess Storage unit?

Our company’s priority is the quality of the service that we provide. We want to make sure that all the customers find exactly what they are looking for – regardless of whether they are in search of a small storage unit to keep their important documents or they need a large space to stock the goods that they sell in their online shop.

In all of our branches, there are shops where you can purchase packing resources. By “packing resources” we mean both solid cardboard boxes, as well as sealing tapes, wrapping foil etc. That’s why there’s no need for you to prepare your parcels elsewhere. You can do it in our facilities and then ask the courier to pick them up from there. In order to save some time and develop a more seamless way of running your business, the packages can be handed over to the courier by one of our employees.

Less Mess Storage units guarantee that your stuff is safe. Thanks to high-quality safety features, the risk of someone breaking into or robbing your unit is close to zero. You can feel assured that even when you’re not there, all the things that you keep in your storage are fully protected. You can also pick them up any day and any time, as you have 24/7 access to your storage room, including public holidays.

It’s also extremely important that you are the one who decides how long you’ll need the storage for. We can sing both a short-term and a long-term contract that can be extended if necessary. That is why self storage can be used both as temporary solution and as some extra permanent space that often constitutes the extension of your office.

Self storage unit is a solution that you can fully trust.

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