Moving house – storage for things, clothes and documents

Finding our perfect flat or building our dream house is always an important life event. We will finally have our own little place, where we can feel safe and comfortable. But before it happens, we need to organise the transfer of things. Moving house may entail a lot of difficulties if we don’t prepare for it properly. One of the challenges that we can face is storing our things until the new place is ready. How can we deal with this situation?

How to organise the whole moving process?

First of all, we need a specific action plan. Writing down a checklist of activities that we need to get done before the moving process is finalised, will significantly help to speed everything up. You can cross out the things that you’ve already covered as you go along in order to stay on top of everything.

What do we need to remember when getting ready to move house?

  • Pack up all your belongings. Make sure you do it in a way that prevents everything from getting damaged during transport.
  • If until now you’ve been renting a flat, clean it. It’s a good idea to leave the place tidy for the new tenants.
  • Check carefully that you’ve paid all your bills, e.g., your gas bill.
  • Hire a moving agency or a transport company to make sure that your things are transferred quickly and smoothly.
  • Complete all the formalities related to renting or buying a new flat or a house.

How to pack up your things for the moving day?

Many of us don’t like packing, even if it’s just packing one suitcase for a short journey. No wonder that we don’t like it! We need to remember to pack everything we need and also place all the objects carefully to make sure that they survive the journey and remain intact.

Packing up your things before moving house is more difficult, as it takes much more time and it doesn’t only consist of packing up clothes and toiletries. A much more difficult part of it is transporting furniture or household appliances. But before we get to that, we should first sort out all of our belongings. Remember that more fragile objects made of glass should be packed separately and that they need extra protection.

While sorting all the things, we often realise that we don’t really need all of them. Moving house is a great opportunity to get rid of the things that we’re not going to use or that are broken.

What are we supposed to do with all the clothes or furniture that we don’t need?

Once we’ve put away all the stuff that we don’t want to bring to our new place, we should check whether some of the clothes or appliances are still in a good condition. The things that can still be used can be sold or simply given away to our family and friends. A great solution is also to donate the things to a local charity organisation. For instance, if there are toys that your kids don’t play with anymore, they can be donated to an orphanage.

Storage services – when is it a good idea to use them?

It might happen that our new place is not ready for us to move in yet. For example, it’s still being renovated so the conditions do not allow us to live there. But at the same time, we might be obliged to leave the current flat. And as much as finding a temporary accommodation is not that difficult – we can book a hotel room or ask our family to let us stay with them, it’s more complicated if we want to bring all our belongings with us. What can we do with the furniture that we need to remove from our current house, while we still don’t have a new place to put it?

Putting your furniture and other objects in a storage unit seems like a perfect solution. Using this type of services will help you to avoid unnecessary tensions during an already stressful event. Storage for clothes, electronic devices and important documents is a great way to put all the things in a safe and safeguarded place, where they’ll wait for us to pick them up at a convenient time.

Storage unit for furniture

What should we go for when we’re looking for a place to store our furniture, clothes or household appliances? It’s a good idea to consider self storage services. It means that you can rent self-service storage units. The customers choose a storage room that they can later use according to their needs. Rental storage units are becoming a more and more popular solution to keep even the most valuable possessions. Our company, Less Mess Storage, is one of the providers of such services in Poland.

How to rent a storage unit?

A storage unit can serve as a place to keep your documents and more – and it’s extremely simple to use it. You only need to choose the appropriate room size for your needs. To get a better idea of room sizes, you can check out the visualisations of different rooms here. We offer both small rooms (of several square metres) and very big ones that are larger than 30 m². You can book the room and complete all the formalities online.

As one of our clients, you have your personal access code that guarantees that you are the only person who can enter it. The storage unit is protected with a sensitive alarm system and 24/7 video surveillance, as well as a padlock.

How can self storage be useful when you move house?

As we’ve already mentioned, moving house is a stressful moment when we need to take care of many different things. One of them is transferring your belongings to the new place. If you’re in a situation where you can’t put them in your new house yet, a storage unit is here to help you.

Less Mess Storage units provide you with countless opportunities. You can use them to store electronic appliances, furniture, clothes, decorations, sport equipment and much more.

And whenever your new place is ready for you to move in, you can pick up your things – you have 24/7 access to your storage. If necessary, you can also hire a transport company and have it move your things to your new place. In case you don’t have enough time to prepare a parcel for the courier, it can be done by one of Less Mess Storage employees.

At Less Mess Storage there is also a shop where you can purchase all the packing resources, including cardboard boxes, wrapping foil or sealing tape. You can also order them online at www.eKartony.pl. It will definitely facilitate the difficult process of moving house.

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