Another round of home office is here to stay – what can we do with all the equipment from our regular office?

After first people tested positive for COVID in Poland in March this year, many companies started working remotely. As time went by and the infection rate started going down, many companies decided to move their activity back to the office. However, now – in autumn – we are facing a bigger risk once again, so it’s best to minimise it. That’s why, according to general precautions, entrepreneurs decide to start working remotely once again. But what should they do with all the equipment from their regular office?

Coronavirus in Poland – most recent data

Unfortunately, the situation related to SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t look very optimistic in our country. The number of people who tested positive for COVID reported every day by the Ministry of Health is much higher than las spring, when we still didn’t know how dealing with coronavirus was going to affect not only our daily lives, but also the economic situation.

The recommendations of the prime minister and the minister of health communicated during conferences say that the companies should move to remote working whenever it’s possible. A lot of enterprises have decided to reorganise their workflows and strengthen the safety measures. As many company owners rent their offices, they are now facing another important decision. Should I terminate the lease agreement? And if so, what am I supposed to do with all the equipment?

It’s one of the challenges that the entrepreneurs have to face in this difficult period. Due to the economic crisis, companies are often forced to resort to different solutions that will allow them to cut down on costs and maintain the financial liquidity, which often implies giving up the physical office – permanently or temporarily – as one of the ways to minimise potential losses. It means that they need to look for alternative storage solutions for company furniture or electronic devices.

Self storage – solution for entrepreneurs

The storage units that we offer can make the lives of many entrepreneurs much easier. This way, they can get some extra space to store all the office equipment, in case they shift to remote work.

Self storage services are becoming more and more popular in Poland, especially now when, because of the current situation in the world, organisational problems are piling up in most companies. The customer needs to pick a storage space in the appropriate size and then they can use it according to their needs, within the period specified in the contract. So, you only need to decide what room size you need, which you can do without leaving the house – all the room visualisations are available on our website. After signing the contract, the customer digits an individual access code that authorises them to enter their storage unit. Additionally, the storage rooms are safeguarded with 24/7 video surveillance, sensitive alarm systems and a personal padlock that the customer can put on their storage unit.

Self-service storage can constitute a natural extension of your office or even become its substitute. If you have recently decided to make a shift to remote work in your company, you have certainly come across some issues related to storing the equipment that has until now been a part of your physical office. Instead of paying all the office rental fees every month, you can simply transfer all the objects to a storage room of your choice. They will wait for you there until you decide to reopen your company and switch back to office work.

Is it safe to use a storage unit?

There’s absolutely no doubt that all the specialised equipment or electronic devices that you have been using regularly in your office must have cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why you need to do everything to protect them against getting stolen or damaged. In this case, we are the safe solution.

Apart from excellent safety features, we can also guarantee the best storage conditions. We can provide them thanks to a modern heating and ventilation system. It enables us to maintain the optimum temperature inside the rooms and you also don’t need to worry about excessive humidity. This means that our storage is also suitable to keep hermetically sealed food. So, if you’re running a shop and, given the current circumstances, you don’t have any spare space to keep your goods, you can leave them with us.

You’re welcome to visit any of Less Mess Storage branches. You can find us in the biggest cities in Poland: in Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław, Poznań and the Tricity. If you have any questions, feel free to call or message us online. It will be our pleasure to allay any doubts and recommend you the most beneficial solution for your company.

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