How does Santa store his gifts?

Soon enough, just like every year, Santa Claus will leave his house at the North Pole and set out on a big trip around the world, bringing gifts to all the good children. Before Christmas, he spends all his time preparing the best gifts and training his helpers so that they can visit every house in the world. Where does he store all his equipment? Where does he keep his sleigh when he’s not using it? In all likelihood, Santa uses a simple, yet effective solution to make children’s dream come true in December.

Where do Santa’s gifts come from?

Santa Claus always reads children’s letters very carefully. He knows very well that at Christmas the secret dreams of all the children come true, so he goes the extra mile to give them something that they really want.

Santa spends all year preparing his gifts. He stays in his workshops for many hours making the most beautiful toys or clothes. Of course, his helpers are there for him, doing their best to make sure that every child gets the present that they’ve asked for on Christmas Day. To makes his gifts complete, he needs to put a lot of love, warmth and a tinge of magic into them. That’s what makes them one of a kind.

How does Santa store all these gifts?

It’s really beyond imagination how many good children there are around the world. But Santa makes a great effort to visit all of them and give them the best present possible. We can only imagine how much space all these gift boxes and bags take, especially if they need to be stored for the whole year. And even though Santa’s house is full of magic, there isn’t enough room to keep all the gifts that need to wait until December for their new home. Therefore, he needed to resort to a solution that allows him to get some extra space and safely store all the presents. Our storage rooms have been designed for special occasions just like this.

Less Mess Storage – one of Santa’s helpers

To a certain extent, self storage services are new on the Polish market, but they are becoming more and more popular. These services consist of renting self-service storage units that give everyone some additional storage space for anything they like. In our company, we do everything to make sure that the customer is satisfied, so we guarantee powerful safety features, such as video surveillance, sensitive alarm systems and personal access codes to different units. Moreover, a customer can put a padlock on their storage room to make sure that they are the only person to have access to it.

Santa Claus definitely appreciates how convenient our storage services are. He can store all his gifts here and the fact that he can access them at any time of day and night is a great advantage for him. So as days go by, and he’s gathered a lot of presents, they are transferred to his storage unit to then get delivered to all the children at Christmas.

Less Mess Storage also provides Santa with the perfect space to keep his sleigh. It waits for him there, until he needs it again. And that’s exactly the level of quality that we provide to all our customers who are looking for a place to store their Christmas or seasonal decorations or other objects, such as documents, furniture, clothes, electronic appliances or sport equipment.

Why is it a good idea to trust our storage units?

Christmas time is a magical and busy period. But we can never forget about our own comfort and safety. Less Mess Storage units can provide you with those things.

  • Complete safety – your things are protected against getting stolen or damaged.
  • Eco-friendly approach – we use PV panels to produce energy in order to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Appropriate storage conditions – modern heating and ventilation systems provide the perfect temperature even for storing hermetically sealed food.
  • Unlimited possibilities – with us, you can store anything you want and rent a storage unit for as long as you need it.
  • Universal use – storage rooms are available in many different sizes, so you can choose the right one for your needs. In case you want to store a big sleigh, it’s also possible.
  • User-friendly approach – you can pick your things up at any time.
  • Privacy – you’re the only person who knows the content of your storage unit. This solution allows Santa to keep his gifts completely secret until they get delivered to all the good kids.

Santa appreciates the convenience of self storage. Do you?

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