Document overload in your company? We have a solution!

Running your own company requires storing not only goods but also many other objects, including documents. Do you run an accounting office or a law firm and you feel overwhelmed with the amount of documents that you need to keep? Are you short of space to store them? Are you wondering how to manage the documents of your company?

They must be stored safely and cannot get damaged. Therefore, poorly secured places with mediocre conditions are not the best choice when it comes to storage. Less Mess Storage self storage units offer a secure place to store not only documents, but also advertising materials and goods.

Secure storage of company documents

Even though storing documents at your company’s premises does not seem to be a problem at first, it may turn out more troublesome as the company starts to grow. Do you keep on pushing different types of documents from one place to another due to insufficient space? Managing company documents is not easy. In the case of the abovementioned accounting offices or law firms, transferring your archives to our self storage units will make space for new business and new customers.


If you decide to rent a self storage unit, you will be able to access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, you will not need to worry in case you have to go back to some of your documents. Our sites are available to you even on Sundays, at night or on public holidays. So, any time you need your accounting documents or any other of your company documents, they will be available to you. Additionally, you can rent a bookcase which will allow you to sort out and organise your documents, advertising materials or other objects that you need to store.

How to organise your company documents?

Are you wondering how to store the documents in your company? You can do it at one of our sites! Self storage units offered by Less Mess Storage are not traditional storage spaces. Each unit has a separate lock and they come in different sizes so you can pick the right one for your needs. Each self storage rental space is secured with modern security systems. You do not need to worry that any unauthorised person will have access to your stored items.

Moreover, our self storage units have optimum storage conditions, which means that the things that you store will not get damaged due to excessive humidity or extreme temperatures, which can happen for example in basements or garages. What is more, the places such as basements or storage cells in blocks of flats are exposed to the potential risk of theft due to poor and ineffective protection systems. Storing documents in your flat is not the best idea either. Folders with documents take up a lot of space which could be used to store other objects.

At Less Mess Storage, you can successfully store not only documents, but also all kinds of advertising materials and even goods. Rental storage spaces can be used as your main storage solution, as well as an auxiliary one or simply a safe storage cell. Therefore, they are very versatile.

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