Switching from a regular shop to selling online? How to change sectors?

Do you run a shop and are wondering what kind of career path you should pursue in the future? Are you considering changing sectors but are not sure whether it is a good idea? Running a regular shop is quite a challenge nowadays. Economic crisis coupled with very high maintenance costs force us to find ways to save some money.

Changing sectors may sometimes stem from the need to grow and introduce changes to your everyday life. Sometimes, however, the circumstances we’re in leave us no choice but to adjust our life plans and career path. Does it necessarily mean that you have failed? Absolutely not! If running a regular shop does not really pay off, converting it into an online shop provides you with new opportunities and may be a tipping point in your life.


How to change sectors? Try your luck in the e-commerce industry

Running a regular shop is much more restricting, especially, when it comes to reaching out to your customers. E-commerce industry offers new opportunities and, if you run your business well, can be more profitable.

Changing sectors after you’ve turned 30? Changing sectors after you’ve turned 40? Are you wondering whether it’s not too late to change your career path? It is never too late to grow! If you have noticed the potential of online selling, it is a good idea to take advantage of it. E-commerce industry generates lower fixed costs in comparison to a regular shop, while providing you with a much wider outlet, as your customers are not limited to people living in your neighbourhood or in your town. In addition, an online business does not require you to choose your premises in a location that is most likely to be popular – it comes with a large number of customers and high sales, but is also tied to a very high maintenance cost.


How to change sectors with Less Mess Storage?

Switching a regular shop to an e-shop allows you to change your location from a popular, well-known neighbourhood to a much cheaper option. A good place where you can store your goods safely is our self storage unit. That is where you can transfer not only your documents, but also advertising materials, goods and even some logistic elements of the shop. You can redirect all the deliveries to your self storage unit and send your parcels directly from there – you can leave them with one of our employees who will pass them to the courier. This means that you will not need to waste any time waiting for the courier company to pick them up. At Less Mess Storage, our customers have access to sack trucks and pallet trucks, which makes delivery unloading much more convenient.

Renting a self storage unit at Less Mess Storage, you do not need to worry about the safety of your goods, as each unit is equipped with an alarm system and the whole site is secured with modern security systems. All the storage units have optimum conditions that guarantee that your goods will not be accessed by any unauthorised person and will not get damaged due to excessively low temperature or high humidity. You will be able to access your rental space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case you need it, you can come to your rented storage space at any time of day or night.


What is more, Less Mess Storage gives you access to Wi-Fi connection and electricity, which means that you can plug your laptop charger and check your orders easily or simply charge your mobile. As your company grows, you can easily change the size of your storage unit without too much unnecessary paperwork, which is very convenient for all the entrepreneurs.

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