How to Store Makeup and Skincare Products?

Even if you consider yourself a minimalist when it comes to makeup and skincare, the number of basic products that we use to take care of our skin can be a bit overwhelming in terms of storage. Storing makeup can become even more complicated when your bathroom isn’t very spacious, or when you are a true beauty guru. Where can you store your cosmetics when space is limited and there is no room for additional furniture? Where should you store your products if you run a beauty shop? See our suggestions!

Storage Conditions Matter

Before considering how to properly organise your bathroom space for care and makeup products, it is worth noting the proper conditions for storing cosmetics. Although we may not think about it daily, the storage conditions for creams, foundations, lipsticks, and lotions can dramatically affect their quality and properties. Too high a temperature, for example, can cause some ingredients to spoil, which is particularly likely in the case of natural cosmetics.

how to arrange cosmetics

Moisture may also prove harmful to makeup and skincare products, as it will stay on the packaging after a bath or shower. If the product has been opened, moisture can dilute the formula of your favourite hair mask or disrupt the effectiveness of a setting powder.

Therefore, it’s worth remembering that storing makeup and skincare products requires sterility. After all, we do not want moisture, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, to reach our products and contaminate their formula. Subsequently, they often end up directly on our skin, which can worsen its condition. Therefore, if you are not convinced about the durability of certain packaging, it is worth ensuring that such cosmetics are kept hidden, for example, in a cupboard under the sink.

How to Organise Space for Cosmetics in a Small Bathroom?

Storing cosmetics in a small bathroom can be a bit tricky, especially if you have moved into or rented a fully-furnished flat, so there is not much room for rearrangement. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t modify certain things to make the most of your space without rearranging the entire flat.

If you have a regular washing machine in the bathroom, you can use the top of it as a shelf and place containers for storing cosmetics on it – they can be made of plastic or fabric and additionally equipped with practical compartments, which will make it easier to organise products. Wooden or wicker baskets should be avoided, as they don’t cope well with the moisture in bathrooms. In this case, the cupboard under the sink is a good place to store cleaning products, which are usually kept out of sight.

If your bathroom is extremely small and doesn’t even allow room for a washing machine, then consider the possibility of wall-mounted shelves. Furthermore, you can also keep some of your makeup products in the bedroom, for example in a desk drawer, thus creating a useful home dressing table. In addition, there are plenty of solutions in the form of metal baskets on hooks, which can be hung on the inside of the shower cabin for essential bath products. If you have a lot of cosmetics, e.g., you run a beauty shop, consider the option of self-storage facilities.

Cosmetics Shop – Where to Store the Goods?

While storing individual pieces of cosmetics is not a challenge, if you have a lot of them, e.g., you run a cosmetics shop, you will need to find a suitable place to store them.

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At such times, it is worth considering renting a self-storage unit from Less Mess Storage. This will be the perfect place not only for your cosmetics but also for other items, even if they are made of delicate materials. All because we take care of the right storage conditions by maintaining the optimum temperature and air quality inside rooms.

In addition, we ensure the highest safety standards. You don’t have to worry about your belongings falling into the wrong hands. At Less Mess Storage, we have different room sizes for any of your needs.

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