No idea for bike storage during the off-season? See what solutions are worth considering and which ones are better to avoid

At the end of September, it is time to say goodbye to the summer – many people’s favourite season – and to welcome autumn. Longer evenings, autumn weather and lower temperatures are not the perfect conditions for cycling or roller-skating. During this period, most people decide to put some of their seasonal objects aside and store them safely until the next spring. However, if you want your things to be fully functional the following year, you must provide them with appropriate storage conditions. Some people choose to keep their bicycles on the balcony, terrace, in the storage box of their block of flats or at the staircase. Why is it not a good idea and what is a good alternative solution? Read on. We are going to present frequently chosen storage spaces and explain why they are not the way to go.

They are convenient to get around in the spring and in the summer. But what should we do with them in the winter?

Bicycles are not only considered as sport equipment, but also as means of transport. They are loved by both children and adults. With them, we can go on a family cycling trip and spend a nice Sunday afternoon. We can also use them to get to work. This, in turn, helps us to keep fit and save time that we would normally have wasted in a traffic jam. Moreover, it is also our contribution towards protecting the environment. Last but not least, we should not forget about those who see cycling as a form of a workout.

Regardless of what you use your bicycle for, once the winter comes and weather conditions become visibly worse and worse, it is no longer a pleasure to ride it. Quite the opposite, it may turn out dangerous to our life and health. That is when we decide to put it away until spring time, when we will be able to ride it again. Unfortunately, it turns out that storing a bike and other seasonal objects during winter may turn out very problematic to plenty of people.

The storage place matters

The place we pick to store our bike during winter greatly affects what state it will be in during spring. Contrarily to what you might think, this type of equipment can easily get damaged and even a small defect can have an impact on whether it will be fit for use and, most of all, whether it will be safe.

There are several ways of storing the equipment, however, for one reason or another, not all of them are appropriate. How to store your bike during winter so that it remains intact until spring? It is very important to keep it in a warm, dry place during winter months.

Why is keeping your bicycle on the balcony a bad idea?

Keeping your bicycle on the balcony or terrace is not a good choice, as the conditions there are far from being optimum. Temperature changes, as well as excessive humidity can easily damage your possessions. Using waterproof cases often proves to be insufficient. What is more, keeping seasonal objects in such places does not help their aesthetic aspect. If you turn a small balcony into a storage space, it often seems “cluttered.” So, our answer to the question “how to store a bicycle on the balcony?” is short – you shouldn’t do it at all.

Keeping a bicycle outside will never be a good idea, given the adverse atmospheric conditions. Our equipment is also susceptible to the effects of humidity and temperature.

Storing a bicycle in a garage, storage box in your block of flats or in a basement – why should we avoid these places?

A storage box in your block of flats or a garage are not safe storage places due to, among other things, lack of optimum temperature and excessive humidity. A balcony, a terrace, a garage, as well as a basement are all insufficiently protected against potential thefts. Even if you store your bicycle on a high floor of a skyscraper, it does not guarantee that it will remain safe.

Some people decide to keep this kind of equipment at the staircase. However, it is not a good solution, as the staircase constitutes the security exit, therefore, the way should not be blocked – it needs to be kept unobstructed at all times. For this reason, attaching a bicycle at the staircase is against the law. Keeping your bike in the flat, on the other hand, is an impractical and quite an inconvenient solution, especially for people living in small flats.

Where to keep a bicycle to make sure that it is safe and does not get damaged? Let us introduce you to Less Mess Storage

A good alternative solution to your balcony, staircase, garage or storage box in your block of flats are self-storage rooms at Less Mess Storage. Self storage is a convenient way of storing different types of seasonal equipment.

 Why is it a good idea to use self storage services? First and foremost, you do not need to worry that your equipment will take up extra space in your flat during winter or it will be kept on the balcony with the adverse atmospheric conditions. At Less Mess Storage, you can rent the exact space that you need – our rooms range from 0.5 m² to over 25 m², depending on a location. This way, you may adjust the room size to your needs, without having to pay for the empty, unoccupied space. You can access your rented room whenever you need by using your own personal access code. With the optimum storage conditions, you can make sure that the objects you store do not get damaged. Your things are safe at Less Mess Storage.

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