What should I put in my suitcase to make sure I have everything I need on my trip?

Holidays, road trips, spa breaks – it all sounds very exciting. A slightly less exciting part of these activities is packing your suitcase. Is it possible to pack it and have all the most important things at hand during the whole stay, while avoiding the unnecessary stress? By all means. In this article, we are going to tell you how to pack a suitcase and save as much space as possible.

Suitcase packing hacks – what should we keep in mind?

Many of us wonder how to pack a suitcase before going on holidays, a spa break or a road trip and avoid getting stressed out about forgetting the most important things. We should always start by making a list. On the top, let’s write down the objects that are our priorities. If we don’t have much time, we should focus on the things that we listed on top, therefore, the ones that we cannot go without. They will most likely include a wallet, a toothbrush, medicines, sunscreen, your phone, chargers and other electronics. Do not forget to pack your underwear and some extra shoes.

How to organise your clothes in a suitcase? The hack that we might find useful is, among other things, rolling our clothes. If we do it this way, the garments are less likely to get creased and need ironing later. What else might be useful? It is a good idea to put some extra pairs socks inside your shoes – this will prevent them from getting deformed.

How to pack a carry-on suitcase?

The most frequently asked question is about the things that we are allowed to put in our carry-on suitcase. What can we pack into a plane carry-on suitcase to avoid problems while boarding? It is important to note that this information should be checked with regards to a specific airline, taking into account our country of destination. It may turn out that certain objects are prohibited only in some specific regions. Let’s also bear in mind that we should not carry cosmetics in large containers or sharp objects. It is a good idea to pick the clothes that take up the most space and simply wear them during your flight. It will allow you to save some luggage space.

How to pack a suitcase for a 7-day trip?

How to pack your stuff into a small suitcase? More often than not, it might not be the easiest task, but sometimes it is simply necessary. First of all, it is good to consider what are the things that we absolutely need to take with us. The fewer objects we have, the bigger the odds that we can fit all of our belongings even into a small suitcase. Remember that some things can be bought once you arrive at your destination – you don’t need to bring soap, shampoo or toothpaste from home. As for the cosmetics that you actually need to bring with you, always pick small containers. When it comes to make-up products, you can use lipstick or face foundation samples.

How to pack a suitcase to make sure you won’t regret that you have packed too much of something? If you travel in a bigger group, you can ask your travelling companions whether they are going to bring some of the things with them. This way, you will be able to share them. For example, one person can bring a hair-dryer, while another one will pack adaptor plugs or a clothes steamer.

What should you pack in your child’s suitcase?

Packing a suitcase before holidays is not an easy task, especially if we need to prepare the luggage of other family members. Usually, it’s parents’ job to pack their kids’ luggage before a trip. What should be put in a child’s suitcase? Apart from the basic things, such as clothes or shoes, do not forget to pack your child’s personal belongings, such as toys or electronics. It might also be a good idea to ask your child whether they have a special thing that they really want to bring with them.

Where can you store your suitcases? Choose Less Mess Storage

Once you are back from your trip and have no more travelling plans for the near future, you probably wonder where you can store your suitcases and seasonal objects for the weeks or months to come, while you don’t need them. You can place your suitcases and other belongings in your wardrobe, providing that you have enough free space. However, very few people have this luxury. Our flats are usually not big enough and the living space would need rearranging. It is also inadvisable to take the suitcases to your basement or attic. These places are usually humid, which can negatively affect the fabrics and give them an unpleasant, musty odour. What other options do we have?

In such a case, self storage is a kind of service worth taking into consideration. It simply boils down to storing your things in rented rooms situated in modern warehouses. This possibility is offered by Less Mess Storage. You can choose the room size that is perfectly adapted to needs. You do not need to worry about your belongings – with Less Mess Storage, they are safe. Thanks to a personal access code, you have access to your things on any day and at any time. Renting a self storage unit is also a great solution for people who leave their house keys with someone else when they travel, for example, to let them walk their dog or water the plants. Leaving your valuable possessions at Less Mess Storage for the duration of your trip will reassure you that no one will use them while you’re gone and that they are well protected. Use Less Mess Storage services and store your things in a way that is safe and convenient for you.

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