What should we know about storage cardboard boxes?

Moving house, renovation works or some other circumstances led you to a situation where you need you pack up your stuff and move it to a different place? It may happen to anyone, so it is a good idea to know how to get ready for this kind of circumstances. Even though it may not seem like a complicated task, sorting out your belongings and safeguarding them so that they do not get damaged in transport, may be a real headache. Read on and find out what kind of cardboard boxes are best for storage. It will help you to avoid the unnecessary stress of packing.

Packing your stuff. How to get started?

Packing up your things is an important element in the process of moving house or renovating it. We often don’t know how to get is started, as we realise that it’s quite time-consuming and not simple at all. Before getting started, we should decide which objects we intend on keeping. If possible, we should sell the things that we don’t mind getting rid of beforehand. The fewer things we have to pack, the better. Let’s try to sort out the things that we have, dividing them into the ones that are the most precious to us, the ones we should keep at hand and the ones that we can live without. Dividing your things based on what they are made of may also affect their safety during transport. All the above-mentioned activities can help us to assess how many cardboard boxes we need to store our things.

Choose the best cardboard boxes for storage

The packing process may be a bit less daunting if we prepare for it accordingly. First of all, it’s worth checking out the range of cardboard boxes offered by Less Mess Storage. Being able to choose among various types of boxes makes everything a lot easier. We offer many different options that range from boxes for document storage to the ones that can fit big TV sets, paintings or clothes. Once we have packed our things, it will be easier to determine what size of self storage unit we should rent.

Capacious boxes for document storage

Storing your documents appropriately is very important, so it is a good idea to make sure that they don’t get in contact with humidity and other factors that may cause their damage. So, what should we choose? The ideal solution will be boxes used to archive documents if we really have a lot of paperwork. Pick the size of your box that will fit the quantity of paper that you want to store inside. However, if you want to organise your documents a bit better, then some wrapper cardboards will to the job. The 34×24 cm dimensions will help you to easily divide your paperwork into categories that you can then label on a closing cover. This cardboard box for A4 documents will also be suitable for books that can even be shipped in it.

Cardboard boxes for fragile things storage

In this case, storage cardboard boxes should be adapted to your needs. It is important to appropriately safeguard the objects that are precious to you. Before you put them in the box, try to wrap them tightly in bubble wrap and fill the empty space with some paper. Remember that no object should be able to move loosely inside the box, as it may get damaged. It is also crucial to label the box in a way that will allow us to know its content without opening it. You will find it very useful when looking for one specific object in a hurry.

At eKartony.pl website, you can find photos of different boxes with descriptions of how they may be used.

Cardboard boxes for large object storage

At Less Mess Storage, we offer boxes of 131x27x76 cm dimensions.  You could fit a painting or even a bicycle inside them. You can pack your clothes into cardboard closets that allow you to keep them on hangers.

Where to store your cardboard boxes?

After we have packed our things, we should think of a place to store them. Storing objects in the basement or storage room of your apartment building implies inappropriate storage conditions. Solutions? Self storage, meaning storage units where you can safely store even the most precious things, is the solution that is already well-known abroad and it’s growing in popularity in Poland.

Professional self storage service

Less Mess Storage offers professional services that can be used by virtually anyone. They consist of placing your things in a self-service storage unit for a chosen period. It’s a perfect solution for people who are looking for some extra space. Once you have packed your things into cardboard boxes, you can store them in a secure Less Mess Storage room. All our sites are equipped with 24/7 surveillance system. The unit is used exclusively by a customer and can be locked with their own padlock. You can access the storage unit 24/7. The contract can be signed for a 7-day period, a month or an undetermined period of time with a 30-day notice. In each of our branches, there is a possibility to change your room for a bigger or smaller one, depending on their availability.

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